LEGO Ninjago Summer 2018 Official Set Images

Official images for most upcoming Ninjago summer of 2018 sets have been revealed, thanks to The Entertainer, a UK based toy store. It seems that the rumors this time were true. The images are on the smallish side, but it’s great to be able to finally see these, especially the dragons! Iโ€™ll update this post once higher quality images are available.

70658 – Stone Colossi (name taken from TV Show, might not be the actual name)

70658 - Stone Colossi

Image taken from BrickSet

70655 – Dragon Pit

70655 - Dragon Pit
70655 - Dragon Pit - box

70654 – Dieselnaut

70654 - Dieselnaut
70654 - Dieselnaut - box
70654 - Dieselnaut - back

70653 – Firstbourne

70653 - Firstbourne
70653 - Firstbourne - box
70653 - Firstbourne - back

70652 – Stormbringer

70652 - Stormbringer
70652 - Stormbringer - box
70652 - Stormbringer - back

70651 – Throne Room Showdown

70651 - Throne Room Showdown
70651 - Throne Room Showdown - box
70651 - Throne Room Showdown - back

70650 – Destiny’s Wing

70650 - Destiny's Wing
70650 - Destiny's Wing - box
70650 - Destiny's Wing - back

70648 – Zane Dragon Master

70648 - Zane Dragon Master - box

70647 – Kai Dragon Master

70647 - Kai Dragon Master
70647 - Kai Dragon Master - box
70647 - Kai Dragon Master - back

70646 – Jay Dragon Master

70646 - Jay Dragon Master
70646 - Jay Dragon Master - box
70646 - Jay Dragon Master - back

70645 – Cole Dragon Master

70645 - Cole Dragon Master
70645 - Cole Dragon Master - box
70645 - Cole Dragon Master - back

70644 – Golden Dragon Master

70644 - Golden Dragon Master
70644 - Golden Dragon Master - box
70644 - Golden Dragon Master - back


Flaming bricks

I was wondering if you knew when these sets will be released in the US? I really want to buy them Dragon Pit and the throne room showdown and have been saving my money up ever since I saw leaked images of them on YouTube. Please can you comment the answer to my question.

If I’d have to take I guess, I’d say that they’ll be released in June, but it could be as late as August.

Flaming bricks

Thanks for your answer. Please write a article saying the release date once you know for sure when they are released.

You’re welcome. I will!

They look absolutely awesome!

Well, these are certainly interesting; loving the look of the new villains. Harumi is definitely back, though hopefully she’s not bringing her biker buddies with her. Kinda cool that we’re getting a set with four major female characters. Any info on what the various baddies are named?

Took some digging, but here they are (in order they appear on the boxes):

Dragon Pit: Iron Baron, Muzzle, Arkade, Heavy Metal
Dieselnaut: Iron Baron, Heavy Metal, Skullbreaker, Muzzle
Firstbourne: Chew Toy, Muzzle, Heavy Metal, Jet Jack
Stormbringer: Muzzle, Daddy No Legs
Destiny’s Wings: Jet Jack

Much obliged Robert. I feel silly even asking, but I’m assuming that Jay and Zane’s white-haired buddy from the Dieselnaut set is named “Young Wu” or something like that on the box?

Muzzle and Heavy Metal are certainly popular this wave; if any of these characters are going to be turned into mass-produced goons next season I’m betting it’s going to be those two if not anybody else. Also, the more I think about Throne Room Showdown, the more convinced I am that Harumi is hosed unless she’s got some minions not included in the set or has gotten some dark magic powers from Garmadon. I mean, she’s up against TWO Elemental Master (assuming Skylor hasn’t lost her powers or something stupid) and a Samurobot, and that’s without them freeing Lloyd.

You’re welcome : ) It’s a bit spoilery, but yeah, that’s definitely young/teenage Wu.

Yeah, but they’re great and I can’t wait to see what kind of Dragon Hunters they’ll come up with. I’ve loved the foil pack Sons of Garmadon goons so far. Harumi is definitely in a tight spot there, but somehow I feel that she’ll pull through anyway.

P.S. Take a look at the newly added set – the one I hope we’d get. I’m not feeling it though :/

What? A Lego set spoiling the presence of a character/variation of a character in upcoming media? That NEVER happens in Ninjago! It’s not like the Sons of Garmadon wave revealed that there was going to be a baby or that Lord Garmadon would be coming back…oh wait.

They definitely look interesting; this wave looks to be quite impressive. So are they officially called the Dragon Hunters, or is that just what you’re going with for right now? I’ve seen Dragon Keepers tossed around, and of course I assume that they’re meant to be Oni from the First Realm. At first glance Harumi does seem to be in quite the pickle, but if I remember the summaries I’ve read of the final episodes-couldn’t bring myself to watch them-then she still has the Mask of Hatred, so that could definitely even the odds a bit.

Believe it or not, I found that same image on Brickset and was just going to post about it here, but it looks like you beat me to it. I’m sorry it’s not all to your liking-I know you were disappointed that it seemed like it wasn’t getting a set. Still, at least it’s got one-the Overlord Dragon, the Preeminent, and others are still gnashing their teeth (those are teeth on the Preeminent, right?) in the Non-Physical Realm.

Exactly! I don’t know how they let it happen this time…

They’re called Dragon Hunters in the official set descriptions – but I do know that they’re referred as Dragon Keepers in a lot of places. To me, ‘Dragon Hunters’ seems much more natural, considering that they’re supposed to be the villains of this season. You’re completely right, I forgot about the mask! It definitely evens the play field.

I know, but was hoping for a much bigger set – it is, after all, supposed to tower buildings. However, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m happy that at least it got a set. Hopefully it means that there is a chance that we get the rest of organic creatures of Ninjago. I do believe those are teeth/tusks, yes!

These look so cool! Any word on the U.K. release date yet? I heard June 1st but Iโ€™m not sureโ€ฆ

Yeah, I’ve heard June 1st as well, or a bit sooner even. If you live near a LEGOLAND you can go and check whether the sets are available there. They’re already available in LEGOLAND Billund.

Well, the Wu thing was kind of to be expected given how the last season wrapped up with him and the first four ninja ending up in the First Realm. I suppose it could always have been a new character, but as the First Spinjitzu Master is the only “human” we’ve heard of from the First Realm it seemed unlikely. It was a bit too bad about your Hutchins theory; he was definitely a case of “he’s in a set so he needs to be in the show” but they clearly didn’t think him worth keeping around. Of course, Claire and Jesper from the Temple of Airjitzu have yet to appear in the show at all so far as I’m aware. Dragon Hunters does seem a bit more villainous, though it also makes me think of How to Train Your Dragon…

Ah, the problem of size-always a bit of an issue when it comes to Lego. It would be nice if we could get more of the creatures and other things that have yet to get sets. Overlord Dragon, Garmadon’s Mech, Nya’s Dragon, the Preeminent, maybe a few assorted creatures like Treehorns or the Grundal…maybe if they do another Day of the Departed type line down the road.

There’s still time! He may end up being the First Spinjitzu Master yet! But I’m doubtful ๐Ÿ˜€ It indeed is strange to include him in a set that he is in no way related to, but, as you’ve said – not like it wasn’t done before.

I also think that Dragon Keepers sounds better, if for no other reason than originality. Term ‘Dragon Hunter’ is overused.

Yeah, or if we pester LEGO enough to make them! If the line continues beyond the show I’m certain they will, especially since the 10 year anniversary is not that far away.

Well, I think Hutchins goes back to the fact that Lego designs these sets and characters and then the creatives behind the show have to integrate them into the story in some fashion. I mean, if you want to get technical, the Temple of Resurrection is supposed to be the Royal Palace, so it kind of fits that Harumi in full princess getup and Hutchins are in it. Being a minifigure he’s lucky to get that kind of inclusion-I know some Bionicle characters were relegated to online story serials despite having sets.

Ooh, a tenth anniversary series would be marvelous, and just think of the possibilities: a Monastery of Spinjitzu with Serpentine War Wu, Garmadon, and their fellow Elemental Masters; Dr. Julien’s lab with a Treehorn or two, young Zane, and the doctor himself; an Overlord Dragon with either the First Spinjitzu Master and some other appropriate figures or else corrupted variants of Nya, Zane, Cole, and Jay; Garmadon’s Mech; the Preeminent-lots of good stuff it’d be nice to see.

You think so? It would explain why his status is ‘deceased’ in the TV show. Still, a shame – really wanted to know more about Hutchins and the royal family.

Aaah, don’t make me think about all the possibilities ๐Ÿ˜€ Tho: Hanging Temple needs to happen before any of those do!

Well, to be fair, it’s only implied that he, the Emperor, and the Empress are deceased, and off-screen deaths are fairly easy to find loopholes for. They could always show up next season, probably at the end as part of some massive uprising of the people of Ninjago against “Emperor” Garmadon and his underlings after Wu and the Ninja return from the First Realm. I’d imagine we’ll probably see Firstbourne and Stormbringer, if no other dragons, taking on the Colossi while Wu/Golden Dragon Master faces off with Garmadon. Of course, their deaths could very well stay permanent, being meant to have set the tone for how dark Sons of Garmadon was meant to be as a season.

Hanging Temple would be a neat addition; I just question what they would do with it given that Titan Mech Battle effectively took place there. I suppose they could always include it in a future season and have some event take place there worth recreating. Of course, there’s a host of things that have been in the show that I don’t see making their way into the sets unless something miraculous occurs.

I have a feeling that there won’t be any Dragon vs Garmadon fighting – I think that they’ll collect the Golden Dragon Master’s Armor in order to fight Garmadon and leave the First Realm behind. I agree, off screen deaths are often off screen for “resurrection”-related reasons, but it also might be due to the fact that Ninjago is a kids show after all.

I don’t see them doing specific locations, unless they create a new set line – Ninjago Architecture ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s maybe a good Ideas project, but can’t see them actually doing it.

Maybe not-I kind of just looked at it like the Hands of Time sets; there the big bad and the dragon of the wave ended up fighting, as did the Ultra Dragon and Great Devourer (though admittedly those two were in the same set) so it makes sense to me. Indeed, Ninjago is a kids show, which usually means any deaths have to be offscreen, done in some fantastical fashion that’s not actually considered graphic, or be of a monstrous creature or something. Yeah, Ninjago Architecture isn’t something I really see happening-not that there aren’t some great locations that could use sets.

There’s definitely metit in your reasoning! I wouldn’t mind a showdown of epic proportions as the season’s finale!

It can happen if a lot of people demand it *wink*wink*

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