LEGO Ninjago Trading Cards series 2 available in the UK

As reported by the second series of Ninjago Trading Cards are out in the UK. These were already available in other European countries, but no English version was released – until today that is.  I’m guessing we will not be seeing the international versions and these are as close as we can get to them.

Ninjago Trading Cards series 2 available in the UK

As with other Ninjago Trading Cards these will be based on the TV show and not on the movie. The German version contains 216 different cards. Of these 120 are character cards, 40 action cards, 20 vehicle cards and 36 puzzle cards. I assume we’ll be seeing a similar distribution in the English version as well. It was further reported by BricksFanz that these will be available in the following forms:

  • Starter Pack – Collectors Binder, 3 x LE cards, 3 x Booster Packs RRP £6.99
  • Multipacks – 1 x LE card, 5 x Booster Pack RRP £4.99
  • Booster Packs – 5 x cards including 1 special card per pack RRP £1.00

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