LEGO releases two Ninjago Movie games

With just a little bit over a month until the theatrical release of The LEGO Ninjago Movie it’s a given we’ll be seeing more and more promotional efforts for the movie. This time around LEGO has released two Ninjago Movie games – ‘Spinjitzu Splash’ and ‘Nya vs The Shark Army’ on the Ninjago Movie gamehub.

LEGO releases two Ninjago Movie games

Spinjitzu Slash is a fruit ninja type of arcade finger-slashing game. It does not have a lot of depth but offers endless fun. Over time the game gives you more and more stuff to slice. Depending on your final score you get a title which showcases your skill in slicing food.

Nya vs The Shark Army is a simple action(ish) game in which you control the direction of Nya’s attack. The game only has 4 levels, which was a bit of a letdown. In each level you fight waves of Garmadon’s henchmen. If you defeat enough, you get a chance to go all out on the big boss himself.

The gamehub’s menu shows 4 more games that will be available in the future. Combine these with the promotional videos LEGO released yesterday and you already get a nice promotional campaign.

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