Massive Star Destroyer

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MOCs are quite awesome in and of themselves. They show how much creativity and care a LEGO enthusiast can have. We’ve seen massive Endor forests, realistic representations of real-world monuments and buildings, and much more.

Today, we at Ninja Brick will be talking about this unique ISD Tyrant MOC.

This Massive Star Destroyer LEGO MOC Has 3 Levels

LEGO is something that encourages creativity and imagination by default. Star Wars is also a franchise that invites a lot of creative works, due to its popularity and imaginative settings. It’s no wonder that LEGO has several different sets in the Star Wars theme, from ships such as the Millennium Falcon, settings and minifigures, and even Advent Calendars.

But some people see in it an inspiration to take matters to the next level. This is the case of user Doomhandle (also known online as Raskolnikov), who built this massive version of the ISD Tyrant. It’s big enough it can hold ships and has three levels, different environments and a lot of detail.

This MOC took over 20,000 pieces to build, and the whole thing is amazing to look at. You can see the care taken to produce this piece, which has a detailed exterior, back and underside. The whole ensemble is 1.40 m and weighs 32kg. Most of the pieces came from UCS Star Destroyer sets (LEGO 75055).

You can check the full thing in this video:

Exterior appearance

The ISD Tyrant is an Imperial II-class Star DestroyerThe Tyrant herself was part of Darth Vader’s Death Squadron and appeared in the Empire Strikes Back film.

This MOC is a lot larger than the official LEGO UCS version of the same ship. It’s also entirely LEGO, no third-party or other pieces used except for LED lights and some strings. The whole thing took a year to build, and no actual LEGO sets worked as a reference for the appearance or design. Which is interesting, considering how realistic (and alike the LEGO version) it looks. Here’s a size comparison between LEGO’s 2014 UCS Star Destroyer set and Doomhandle’s MOC.

My LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer: the ISD Tyrant

The outside looks fantastic, with a detailed underside and back. Both took some creative license from the builders as there isn’t much to go from. The main “seam” of the ship runs in the centre and adds to the balance of the whole ensemble. To support such a massive weight, the builder used “rib-like” structures to support it inside, as well as Technic lift arms. The exterior includes gun turrets as well, which also support playability.

Tyrant: Underside 1

Tyrant High Res 3

The whole thing is also very cleverly built, with easy ways to access the inside of the ship. It’s also able to fit a lot of minifigures inside.

Internal appearance

What this build really shines on, though, is the internal appearance. It has a detailed bridge, captain’s cabin, conference room, a meditation chamber with a hologram, officer’s quarters, walkways, and much more. These make the third level of the ship.

As if the whole thing wasn’t impressive enough, this ship comes with functional doors and other functions such as hidden lightsaber storage.

Level 3: Sith Meditation Chamber

Level 3: Sith Meditation Chamber 2

According to the builder, he prefers making his own characters and putting them on the ship, rather than using film ones. The top part of the ship, where the bridge is, is easily removable and gives playability to the second level.

Tyrant: Bridge

The second level includes ship operations and a medical bay. These are connected through walkways and, like everything else, richly detailed. They have detailed equipment, beds, and displays that make the whole thing a lot more realistic.

Level 2: Overview

Level 2: Ship Operations

Closeup of Medical Bay

The first level is the cargo hold and the detention centre. This level also includes the barracks and canteen.

Level 1: Cargo Hold and Detention Center

Level 1: Barracks

Level 1: Canteen

But the ship also includes a Hangar Bay. This is one of the situations where this build shines even more: the whole build also joins ships such as TIE Interceptors, which fit inside the Tyrant, and a Sentinel-class shuttle.

Main Hangar

TIE Interceptors: Closeup

You can check an overall building diary of this MOC here. There aren’t full instructions available, but it shows how much effort it took to build it, as well as some of the basic techniques used.

This MOC is a feat of epic proportions. The amount of detail and overall appearance of it makes it remarkable on its own. Definitely a worthy tribute to the Star Wars franchise. Other than the Tyrant, this builder also has replicas of the Aggressor, AT-ATs, TIE Fighters, and many other Star Wars themed builds.



Man, that thing is HUGE.

Too huge 😀 I wonder how he cleans it!

Maybe he’s going to vacuum seal it like the Smithsonian did with the Enterprise model from the original Star Trek series…

Not a bad idea at all! Still, you’d need to find a huge bag 😀

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