This Mecha R.E.X. has no Bones to Pick

It’s time for another trip down the memory lane. This time, however, only to about a year ago. It’s a piece by a brilliant mech-builder chubbybots, whose work we already wrote about. It’s one of hist first Ninjago MOCs and yet it looks amazing – making me think that he was born with bricks in his hands. Judging but the builder’s enthusiasm for the brick, we won’t stop writing about him anytime soon.

Ronin mecha rex01

Just like any other chubbybots’ mecha build, this one is built with great care and attention to details. It’s immediately noticeable that this mech has great techniques hidden in almost every part. The head especially so. It has parts going in every direction and angle. I haven’t got the slightest clue how the upper jaw was attached to the rest of the head. The legs and, feet in particular, look great – flexible and sturdy. Base of the cannons is also intriguing – they’re standing still but also have arms coming out of them at angles. One cannot help but to wonder how!? Not surprisingly, in addition to all these great techniques and details, the color scheme matches Ronin perfectly.

Like always, chubbybots has made a video with instructions available at his channel.

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