Who Needs Serenitea to achieve inner peace?

LEGO Ninjago Movie definitely did its share in inspiring builders to build ninja-esque creations. More than that, it opened Ninjago to a whole new wave of fans. Shame it didn’t do better in the box office. It’s success would’ve meant even more fans to share ideas with. Thankfully, it did well enough to inspire Rollon Smith, a builder we wrote about before, to create many wonderful Ninjago builds.

Lloyds Meditation

What a brilliant little vignette! I love every part of it. The plants that are placed just right. The planks that are placed in a random yet, deliberate manner. The statue that is done with a minimalistic, yet detailed, style – which is quite in line with Buddhist art. On top of all that the pond, that ties everything together, radiates peacefulness. If that is even possible. All in all, a magnificent build that does a lot with little.

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Flaming bricks

This would make a good Lego ideas set.

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