New Ninjago models in LEGO Worlds

Two new Ninjago builds have appeared in LEGO Worlds a couple of days ago. These include Samurai X Cave and Samurai VXL vehicle. Both of these are, of course, from the TV Show, but I suspect they’re a part of the Ninjago Movie models promised a few months ago. Other than the two models, new characters have been added as well. Among others, you’ll be able to unlock Nya, in her Movie outfit as well as Anacondrai.

Samurai X Cave

Samurai Cave X - LEGO Worlds

Samurai VXL

Samurai VXL - LEGO Worlds

It’s strange that the Samurai X Cave looks nothing like the set. Maybe it’s because not all of the part are in the game? I did buy the game, but have to admin that I’ve only played with it for a few hours. For me, it got too repetitive too fast.

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