New Sons of Garmadon thug revealed

List of named villains for this season is steadily growing. This time, the new villain, named Sawyer, was revealed in LEGO Ninjago Magazine no 34. Apparently, he’s a ‘nasty thug’ and carries around a chainsaw! How badass is that? In vein with a true biker, he has a long black beard and a Mohawk(ish) hairstyle. The minifigure will come with the magazine’s 35th edition, which comes out on March 1st. The minifigure is also featured on one of the posters that comes with the magazine. The poster looks like a homage to ‘Texas Chainsaw’.

LEGO Ninjago Magazine 34 - Sawyer teaser

This is the 8th named Son of Garmadon and I suspect that he won’t be the last. The ones that we’ve had before, and the sets they come in are:

  • Chopper Maroon – 70643, 10755
  • Killow – 70642
  • Luke Cunningham – 70638, 30531 (possibly)
  • Mr. E – 70639, 70643
  • Nails – 70640
  • Skip Vicious – 70640
  • Ultra Violet – 70640, 70641

Because the minifigure comes in a foil pack I suspect that it won’t be hard/expensive to come by, but, to me, it does not look like an army building minifigure. Guess we’ll just have to wait to see what the next one will look like.


Well, they’re definitely giving us some Sons of Garmadon figures. By the way, I think you meant to say that Sawyer is the 8TH named Son of Garmadon-there are seven in the list you made.

Sharp eyes! I’d like to say that it was just a test to see who truly reads these, but it was just a typo… Thanks!

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