Do Ninja Dream of Mech Dragons?

You might’ve noticed that the set version of Lloyd’s Mech Dragon looks a bit different than the Movie version. It most likely does not bother you, since the set is awesome anyway. Well, not Jared! He set out to make the most Movie-accurate version possible with the parts LEGO has actually produced.

LEGO Ninjago Movie Green Mech Dragon

Wow. I’m lost for words. It’s so hard to pick a single point to start with. Let’s start with the color then. Where did he get that many sand green parts!? Must’ve cost a small fortune. Great parts usage all around, many different angles for elements, antistuds next to studs, it makes you wonder just how the frame looks like. I especially love all the spikes, since they make me reminiscence about the Ultra Dragon. Hopefully we also get instructions for the Movie version, but until then we have this amazing MOC to gawk at.


i like to build lego sets thainks bro

thanks i yust want to build lego sets so thenks for give mi this oportuniti y am sow prowd or this program

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