Ninjago 2018 – Sons of Garmadon Juniors Set

Thanks to PROMOBRICKS, we get our first look at the upcoming 10755 – Zane’s Ninja Boat Pursuit set, due to be released in 2018. Counting the Juniors set released for the LEGO Ninjago Movie, this is the 4th Ninjago one. It features Zane and a Son of Garmadon, most likely Chopper Maroon, which makes this set the cheapest way to get him. The set will retail for €19.99.

10755 – Zane’s Ninja Boat Pursuit set – €19.99

10755 - Zane's Ninja Boat Pursuit set - box art

This is just the latest official release of a Ninjago 2018 set image. You can find the rest of the sets here.

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