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Just like last year, Ninjago had a strong presence at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con, on the off chance you don’t know). Similarly, we didn’t go this year either, but, thanks to BrickFan, who was kind enough to tweet-out the entire experience, it’s as though we were there ourselves. Fortunately, there were no Ninjago exclusives this year either, so there is very little that we missed, regarding Ninjago info/memorabilia.

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The theme for this year’s panel was “Love” – in all of it’s shapes and forms. The panel lasted about an hour, and here’s a rough timeline of the discussions, together with some commentary:

  • Trailer for Ninjago: Hunted was shown. It’s been available online for a while and you can see it here.
  • Voice actors talked about their experiences and the fact that they can be given their lines without a context.
  • Tommy Andreasen’s all-time favorite clip was shown. It’s Nya telling Lloyd to believe in himself.
  • Concept art was shown, mostly for Ninjago: Hunted.
    • Various versions of Dragon Hunters were shown. Personal favorites for Dragon Hunter versions are: Magic Knights, Knightpunks and Samurai.
    • Concept art of Dragons was truly epic. Most of then were more “Asian” in style.
  • Snake Jaguar was referenced, so maybe he’ll return in the future? Apparently it’s the middle name of Kelly Metzger’s (voice of Nya) son.
  • Karaoke time – panel participants sang The Fold – The Weekend Whip.
  • Q&A session. For me, only two questions/answers were interesting:
    • Golden Ninja may return.
    • Ninjago might get an anime version. This is something they’re already playing with.
  • Future reveals:
    • In 2019 Ninjago will get additional 6+ hours of content. This includes a four-part special and, most likely, an entire season.
    • There will be four special episodes, for a total of 100 episodes. This count includes the two pilots, but, for some reason, excludes Day of the Departed.
  • Sneak peek of 100th episode was shown. In the clip Kai is giving advice to Jay how to ask Nya to make their relationship more “official”. Towards the end Dareth joins them. You can see the clip here.

To me, the panel was quite interesting. Hopefully it will be made available on Youtube at some point. Perhaps the slides as well.


Kelly Metzger’s son’s middle name is Snake Jaguar? That’s…different. Wonder how he would make another appearance, since the Sons of Garmadon know it was just Zane in disguise. Maybe he’ll use the alias on another group of villains?

Magic Knights and Knightpunks would have been interesting, though perhaps a bit too close to Nexo Knights for comfort. Samurai would have been cool-I know the Stone Army was supposed to have that theme, but it’s been long enough that you could revisit it. I’ve actually toyed with an idea of Samurai villains for Ninjago: the Samurobots. Essentially, the idea is that P.I.X.A.L.’s predecessors-from her old bio-are reactivated, and in their bid for vengeance on Cyrus Borg they copy the Samurai X motif for their gear.

Not sure how I feel about a returning Golden Ninja-I like green better. An anime, eh? Are we talking the current show converted to that style, or an anime where they’re actual humans rather than minifigs? That clip confuses me-is Jay going to ask Nya to marry him?

Wonder what the special is going to be, and why Day of the Departed is left out of the episode count. Speaking of, what’s become of the Temple of Airjitzu? It seems to have been destroyed or abandoned; otherwise why would they rebuild the Monastery of Spinjitzu?

Indeed, it is quite unique! Maybe he liked his so much he made it his alter ego? Who knows…

I would’ve liked seeing a more “mature” version of Nexo Knights! (even if it only meant a different color scheme) Especially since the theme is discontinued now. I still can’t get over the fact that the forest villains were never introduced :/ I like the idea! Have you given it more than a thought? MOC/fanfic/whatever?

Not sure what anime would mean for Ninjago. Would be interesting to see how the writers/directors would pull it off, but I’m doubtful that they will even attempt it. The TV show is there to sell the sets after all.

I guess that he will. Or whatever Ninjago’s version of marriage is. The prevailing thought in the community seems to be that Nya is not aware that they’re in a (serious) relationship and that Jay wants to make it official.

Supposedly, the specials are to “close off” the SOG arc of the story. It hasn’t been confirmed though and I haven’t been able to find a video of the entire panel. As for the Temple of Airjitzu, my guess is that with the Destiny’s Bounty gone, they have no way of accessing it?

I recall the Nexo Knights book that featured both the forest monsters and a group of water monsters. I suppose they might have planned on bringing them in later, but the theme didn’t turn out to be popular enough. I wasn’t the hugest fan of Nexo Knights anyway so I’m not that disappointed, but I can understand your dissatisfaction. If it were to become anything it would most likely be a fanfic. I have contemplated the idea of sets a bit-between the Samurobots and the heroes there’d be around 25 minifigures, unless some of P.I.X.A.L.’s sisters were rebuilt into vehicles or something.

The anime idea is definitely a different concept. I could see it developing into a spin-off line, perhaps with mini-doll sets were the anime to employ realistic human designs. I find that idea about Nya hard to believe, given her speech in the last resort. I’d say the marriage analogue seems apt, and I’d imagine Nya will probably react with something like “took you long enough.” My guess would be that Jay’s either been afraid of committing before now, or else the various crises they’ve had to deal with have gotten in the way.

From what I’ve heard, SoG has been wrapped up fairly nicely, though it does set up for a future arc fairly blatantly. I have to imagine that they have or could get ahold of other aerial transport. Maybe the writers just decided they wanted to have the monastery rebuilt, and the temple will go the way of the Elemental Dragons-gone with no explanation. Makes you feel sorry for Yang…

Yeah, “The Book of Monsters”. I bought it, somewhere – honestly can’t remember where, because it had beautiful art. I also am not a huge fan of Nexo Knight. I dislike the premise, the setting, even the heroes. But I love the villains! Demons in LEGO? What’s not to like!? The Vampires were a miss though.

Well, I like your concept! Especially the autobots-like angle. If you find the time/will I hope you develop this further!

Please no 😀 I truly dislike the minidolls. They’re far less playable, poseable, customizable. I did the accessories though, so a healthy mix I can accept.

I honestly don’t think they’ll go down the marriage route. The ninja are supposed to still be teenagers and Nya is definitely on the lower to middle spectrum of “teens” since she’s the youngest. I can’t see the writers supporting underage marriage.

SOG as a whole – yes. Members – not so much. Here are the things that I would like explained: origin of Killow/Ultra Violet, origin of Mr.E, what happened to Harumi, what happened to the Mask of Vengeance, what will happen to Garmadon now that he’s, apparently, killed an Oni.

Well, if they did shift back to the old monastery I hope that it will become a proper set this time around!

I honestly don’t care much for mini-dolls either-it just struck me as something they could do if an anime ever came along. Honestly it would just be weird-I’m so used to Ninjago characters as Minifigures with Lego yellow skin. Honestly, if the Ninja are still teenagers, it seems like the boys-besides Lloyd-are nineteen and Nya is like seventeen. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the guys are in their 20s and just still act like teenagers.

At any rate, there could always be another time jump between the end of Hunted and that “proposal” clip. Cool as those tidbits might be, unless they play into a future plotline I don’t see them being addressed. The time to do any origin story stuff was during the past two seasons, but the various SOG members were overlooked in favor of Harumi. A monastery set would be nice, though I’d hope it would include young Wu and Garmadon and perhaps the other Serpentine War Elemental Masters.

It’s confirmed in Hunted that they’re still teens, albeit in a joke-ish manner. But yeah, their ages are “fluent” – to fit the storyline.

They could do it DoD-style. Make a special about all the SOG villains. I’m doubtful that they’ll do that if the Monastery is to be the headquarters for s10. Would be great though! And easy, there are already Young Wu minifigures.

Jared Boyd

Was that meant to be “fluid”?

An origin special for the SoG seems pretty unlikely in my opinion-I’d have imagined something more like the Tall Tale series we got for the Sky Pirates. Yeah, a monastery based on Hands of Time is unlikely, but I can dream right? Maybe, but the young Wu figs we’ve gotten don’t really match his Serpentine War design. Of course, the robe pieces already exist-it’s only the head and hair pieces that, to my knowledge, haven’t been done.

Yep, that’s what I’ve meant 😀 No idea how I wrote down “fluent”…

Something more in vein of the Tall Tales was what I meant – but with a bit more of the Ninja involved. Something like how the Ninja (and events in SoG/Hunted) influenced specific characters. I hope they don’t resurrect any villains to make that happen…

Jared Boyd

It happens to us all.

That is an interesting idea. I mean, we know how Harumi developed her idol worship of Garmadon, but it would be interesting to see how other characters came around to that viewpoint. Another DotD type episode wouldn’t really require any resurrections; they’d just have to:

*Establish in the show that, as in The Dark Island Trilogy, the Sky Pirates are in Kryptarium prison or at least back in Ninjago. Maybe have somebody find the Teapot of Tyrahn too.
*Get the Time Twins and/or the Vermillion out of the temporal vortex.
*Work in the SoG, Dragon Hunters, or a few members of either, and maybe another villain group or two.

Jared Boyd

The idea of exploring how characters became converted to a Garmadon cult would be kind of interesting. So far as I can think another DoD type story wouldn’t necessarily require any resurrections. Somebody could find Nadakhan, the Time Twins and/or Vermillion could return to Ninjago, they could bring in a few Dragon Hunters, and maybe bring in another faction or two.

Ah, the Teapot of Tyrahn, I’ve always loved how that name sounds like! And I really like the idea of giving reasons to several members of SoG why they want to resurrect Garmadon – definitely something that should be pitched to TLG as an idea.

As for the “bringing back” old villains – I’m still against it, even if it wouldn’t technically be a resurrection. The show could benefit from a new structure.

Are there images of the Dragon Hunters concept art? (Magic Knights, Knightpunks and Samurai) If so, can you provide a link? Thanks!

Sorry for the slow response – was quite sick for a few days. Anyway, here are a couple that were posted on Brickfan’s twitter:

Hopefully, a recording of the whole panel will be made available soon.

Sorry to hear you’v been under the weather.

Thanks! I got hit with a stomach virus, but the hardest part seems to be over.

Duplicate posts again

Well, I’m a bit of a stickler for finality. A villain being imprisoned or lost isn’t really satisfactory in my book, unless they’re ordinary criminals or have been left essentially powerless. The idea of Pythor-sad as he’s become-Nadakhan, the Time Twins, the Vermillion, and various others floating around free is rather dissatisfactory to me. Of course, I think it would be better if they did a season to wrap up the loose ends, rather than just a special.

I don’t mind a lose end or two, but I do like closure. However, I do feel that villains getting imprisoned and/or lost in time is closure enough 😀 Let the sleeping dogs lay, I say!

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