Ninjago Bricktober 2018 – Official Images

We knew that Ninjago will be included into this year’s Bricktober minifigure packs as well, way back in May. We didn’t have any official images – so I had to get creative. Now, thanks to, we have the first official images.

LEGO Ninjago Bricktober 2018 Minifigure Pack

In Germany, these minifigures will be available from September 10th until September 16th. No official word on how these will be given out. If last year is any indication, they’ll be gifts with purchases over 40€ and, a week later, they will be available for purchase for 14.99€.

How do you like the pack? I for one can’t wait to get my hands on one.


Sensei Jay and Kabuki Nya are pretty nice, even if I didn’t care for the season the latter appeared in. The other two are meh-Harumi should probably have been in a real set, while Mohawk is a generic thug that could easily be approximated with spare minifigure parts. Would have preferred Captain Soto in pirate attire, and/or Khanjikhan.

Completely agree. Kabuki Nya and older Jay are great, the other ones so-so. Although, I quite like the metallic bat that the thug is holding. I think this is the first one in that particular color.

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