Ninjago in Bricktober 2018 Rumors

In the last week or so I’ve received a couple of emails with images of yet-unreleased Bricktober sets. Even a few friends of mine mentioned these to me and were wondering why didn’t I post about these yet. As you see I’ve succumbed to the pressure and decide to write about these – mostly because I want to manage expectations. As most of you know by now Toys’R’Us, the company behind Bricktober, will be closing down permanently in the USA, so there is a chance that there will be no Bricktober sets this year. Coupled with LEGO’s strict no-leaked-images policy, there is a chance that most of our readers will never see these.

Bricktober 2018

Just like last year, one of the minifigure packs will be Ninjago themed! Similarly, there are four minifigures included, with a good mix of characters from several seasons. And, just like last year, they look great:

  • Mask of Hatred Harumi – we didn’t get this version of Harumi in any of the sets so this is a nice addition. I’d much rather have a casual version of Harumi, but beggars can’t be choosers.
  • Future Jay – now this is an interesting choice, but an excellent one! The version in question is from a vision Jay had during the events of Skybound. I’ve really like this version of Jay, I’m sure the parts can be used for many different builds.
  • Son of Garmadon – weakest minifigure of the bunch. He seems to be a Son of Garmadon name Mohawk, holding a bat. His face looks identical to Chopper Maroon/Nails, but the body seems to have a new print. Luke Cunningham would’ve been a better choice.
  • Kabuki Nya – the minifigure I never knew I wanted! I love the whole Kabuki esthetic and her kimono looks really nice. In case you’re wondering, Nya wore this outfit in Tournament of Elements.


The Harumi fig makes me feel sorry for the Masks of Vengeance and Deception-they only got two sets apiece. Future Jay is pretty cool but makes me want the other future ninja. Mohawk is a lame cross between Eyezor and Chopper Maroon. As for Kabuki Nya… I would have preferred Jay’s mom.

I find the this Harumi version quite unnecessary, regardless of the mask. Ultra Violet is enough.

A bit of a dark joke, but we already have future Zane – it’s Echo Zane 😀

Mohawk is indeed lame. But a safe minifig I guess.

I wouldn’t trade Kabuki Nya for any other minor character. FSM maybe, but just maybe.

Yeah-did Ultra Violet even wear the mask in the episodes? This is one sad thing about Toys R Us going down; no more Lego exclusives.

Yeah, she did – on several occasions. They’ll just move them somewhere – I’d guess to Target.

Gotcha; does make the Harumi fig seem a pit pointless. Yeah, I’d imagine you’re right about that-I do question whether they’ll continue certain promotions, however.

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