Ninjago TV Show Collectible Minifigures 2018 rumors

Social media has been abuzz today with rumors about Ninjago 2018 collectible minifigures. Apparently, several different online retailers have erroneously listed set 30531 as available. The name of the set is ‘Sons of Garmadon’ and it retails for €3.99, the usual price for collectible minifigures. However, set number 30531 indicates it rather being a polybag, but the price is indeed unusual for a polybag. In any case, nothing has been officially announced, so take it as you want. I, personally, don’t believe we’ll be getting another Ninjago collectible minifigures line in 2018. Although, one can always dream:

Fan-made Ninjago 2018 CMF teaser

Ninjago CMF teaser made by me, is in no way official

To be honest, it would be amazing if we got a TV show based collectible minifigures series. There are so many characters that we don’t have in physical form. Here are my top picks for the next line:

  • Young Wu – would probably never be included in any set.
  • First Spinjitzu Master – perfect opportunity to get the Mega Weapon mold.
  • Missing Elemental Masters – finally a complete collection.
    • Gravis
    • Bolobo
    • Jacob Pevsner
    • Chamille
  • Cyrus Borg – we only got Overborg and the line would include a wheelchair.
  • Captain Soto (with Teapot of Tyrahn) – everybody likes pirates and I want the teapot!
  • No-Eyed Pete – would add some comedy to the line.
  • Nya/Dilara – great reusability for other LEGO lines.
  • Lou (Cole’s Father) – would be nice to get all the parents eventually.
  • Some of the Ninja in Steep(er) Wisdom work clothes – these just look awesome.
    • Kai
    • Lloyd
  • Some of the Ninja in dance clothes – need I say anything more?
    • Zane
    • Jay
  • Some of the Ninja in Casual Clothes – any will do.
  • Khanjikhan – perfect candidate for additional torso (and arms).
  • Zane with Falcon – would be great to get a mold for Falcon.
  • Dr. Julien (Zane’s father) – same as Lou.
  • Seliel (aka Phantom Ninja) – will most likely never be in a set and is a cool character.

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