Ninjago: Dragon Hunter Polybag Found

It’s official – I have my new favorite polybag! Mini Quake Mech has been dethroned and it looks like mini Titanium Dragon will take it’s place. Getting back on track – the newest polybag is called 30547 – Dragon Hunter and it comes with a 50ish piece Dragon and what looks like an exclusive minifigure, at least torso-gear combination wise.

30547 - Dragon Hunter

Image taken from BrickSet.

The polybag was found listed on Ebay, so there isn’t much additional info. In any case, the dragon is incredibly well build using the boomerang and Nexo sword to a magnificent effect. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one!


Somebody I saw on YouTube was under the impression that the minifigure is Heavy Metal minus his armor; seems plausible, but we’d have to get a look at the face to be sure. I wonder if there will be a corresponding Ninja polybag like the Sons of Garmadon/Turbo set we got earlier this year; fingers crossed for Skylor or Young Wu.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up being the case! LEGO does like rehashing villans.

I, myself, am hoping for a P.I.X.A.L. one, with unique armor variant.

That they do-or creating “new” villains with available parts. P.I.X.A.L. would be a nice one, even if they reused the armor from her first Samurai X variant.

A new variant wouldn’t but me in a bad mood though 😀 Casual P.I.X.A.L. would be best though.

Well, someone’s got a hold of and reviewed it:

From the head print I’d say it’s either Muzzle or Skullbreaker with a hat instead of hood and armor; that, or it’s a generic Oni soldier. The Heavy Metal mixup was understandable; he and the aforementioned to appear to have virtually identical leg and torso pieces. Seems to be a standard Dragon Keeper uniform, unlike the signature attire of such Oni as Iron Baron or Jet Jack.

Have we gotten a casual P.I.X.A.L. since the loss of her original body? I feel like I saw a screenshot of something like that a while back, but if it’s from any episodes past Dead Man’s Squall then I wouldn’t have seen it.

Nice find! Croatia isn’t that far from me, so maybe I can get ahold of one too! I’m most willing to lean towards a generic Oni soldier, considering that it is, as you mentioned, a mix of various ones.

I do think we have, during Hands of Time if I remember correctly, but I could be wrong. In any case, I can totally picture her going on undercover missions in Hunted just like Zane, so maybe we can even get a “human” version of her!

Yeah, probably the Oni equivalent of Scooter-might even see him in Ninjago Magazine at some point. I don’t recall seeing a physical P.I.X.A.L. in Hands of Time, apart from her appearances as Samurai X. Seeing her going undercover would be interesting, though a human version seems like it would look a lot like movie/2018 Nya.

Hm, I seem to remember her with a hoodie in HoT. But, as I said, I could be wrong – a lot of time has passed since I last watched HoT. I guess she would, but maybe a different hair style/color – perhaps blond, and green eyes.

Don’t recall that happening, though if it was subtle enough I might have missed it. I know I’ve seen some screenshot or other with her out of her Samurai X armor, but I have no idea what episode it’s from. I just know she “disappeared” for an episode or two before showing up as the new Samurai X, though of course we weren’t supposed to know it at the time.

Yeah, if her disguise were to work like Zane’s, probably blonde or white hair and green eyes.

As I said, it’s probably just me rambling – it’s from memory – I haven’t had the time to check it – had two big, exciting exhibits in a row – about which I cannot wait to write!

Let’s hope we’re right and we do get her!

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