Ninjago: Hunted, episode 85 – semi-review

Just a few short months ago we were watching the season finale of Sons of Garmadon. Now, it’s already time to watch the first episode of Ninjago: Hunted. The name of the episode 85 was ‘Firstbourne’, but, interestingly enough, that particular dragon was nowhere to be seen. The episode was quite alright. albeit a bit less dramatic than I thought it would be. In any case, I won’t spoil anything, unless you keep reading.

Still from Ninjago Hunted Episode 85

The episode picks up almost immediately where the last one stopped – episode 84 is even the recap. Something like that, I believe, didn’t happen since ‘Legacy of the Green Ninja’. The situation, then is: Garmadon has taken over Ninjago City and the Ninja are licking their wounds. Those in Ninjago (the realm) are in hiding, while the rest, who are trapped in the First Realm are trying to figure out their next steps.

In the First Realm Jay is having a nervous breakdown, while Kai is filling Jay’s usual place. Zane is, of course, chill and is trying to build a device that will let them contact the rest of the team. Cole is the one keeping a calm head and serves as an impromptu team-lead. Together with (Gradeschooler) Wu he goes to collect food, but instead comes upon a dragon. I believe it was a Stormbringer dragon, but the signature nostrils (are they nostrils?) from the sets weren’t there. While they’re being chased by the dragons the rest of the stranded Ninja are taken by the Oni. Or at least it’s implied they’re Oni.

Back in Ninjago things seem to be dire. Lloyd, together with Nya, P.I.X.A.L, Misako and, surprisingly Dareth, are in hiding while the Sons of Garmadon are looking for them. Via a TV show. Of which Ultra Violet is the host. The TV show offers ordinary citizens rewards for capturing “fugitives”. Seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? They manage to catch Ronin though, so it appears to be working. In any case, the team is quickly discovered and confronted by Sons of Garmadon, lead by Mr.E. Two good things come out of this encounter however because: One, they learn that the rest of the Ninja are most likely alive. Two, the Elemental Masters find them and help them out of a thought spot.

All in all, the episode was a bit lukewarm, but the potential is definitely there. The split of time between Ninjago and the First Realm was a bit awkward and I would much rather see an entire episode dedicated to one realm. Let’s see how the rest of the season develops, I’m certain the writers have some interesting things in store for us.


Well, can’t say I’m feeling too enthusiastic about the new season from the sounds of this episode. The First Realm sounds cool, but the continuing prominence of the Sons of Garmadon and the return of the Elemental Masters-besides Skylor-is a dealbreaker in my book.

I’ll have to wait and see what they have in store for us to pass my final judgement!

I must admit, I’m curious as to how Wu’s aging process is going to work-is he just rapidly aging back to his proper age, or is this the Time Punch effect all over again?

Perhaps? Who knows, time works in mysterious ways – in Ninjago at least. I do have a feeling that he’ll stop aging once he hits his “original” age.

Have you seen the most recent 2 yet?

I saw episode 86 and boy was it good! Expect a review today. I’ll watch 87 in the evening or tomorrow.

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