Ninjago: Hunted, episode 86 – semi-review

Right of the bat, I want to tell you – I was blown away by this episode. It was so much more than Ninjago usually is that I was quite surprised. But let me back up a little. The name of the episode 86 is ‘Iron & Stone’. There was definitely iron and there were some stones as well in the episode. As you know by now, these reviews are full of spoilers – you’ve been warned!

Oh, by the way, it seems that Ninjago will be picking up the tempo and will be releasing new episodes daily (minus the weekends)! I can’t promise I’ll be able to follow that tempo but I will definitely try!

Still from Ninjago Hunted Episode 86

Wow. What an episode! I don’t know how and where to start… The easiest is always the beginning so let’s start (almost) there. The new intro was shown and it was just perfect – the scenery, the music, the mood – everything. Albeit, the music was perhaps just a tad too upbeat and Bond-esque. In any case, I think this intro really encompasses how the ninja must feel during these trying times. The chains fit that theme really well.

The episode itself starts of with the captured ninja. The Dragon Hunters think the ninja are Oni and this seems to be the reasons they’ve been captured. Which, I guess, means that the Dragon Hunters are not Oni. Interesting. I wonder whether we’ll actually see any since there aren’t any in the sets. Anyway – the ninja are taken to an Arena, to be eaten alive by a Dragon. Hilarity ensues and this quickly turns into one of the low points of the episode. To me, it seems like only Kai is aware that they’ve been captured. Zane is chilled (pun intended) about it, and Jay is too chill. I’m a bit annoyed by their somewhat plastic, and predictable, reactions. High point of the entire sequence is the fact that Cole once again dons the Rocky Dangerbuff persona – whose lastname indicates that he is a part of the Dangerbuff Dragon Hunter clan. Towards the end it’s revealed that the Dragon Hunters know about Spinjitzu. I can’t wait to learn more about that.

Back in Ninjago City is where the good stuff was. Right off the bat we get to see one of the darkest moments in Ninjago – Garmadon killing Mr.E, on screen. Mr.E, I hope, will not get resurrected just for ratings sake. Continuing his brutal stroke, Garmadon terrifies Harumi into obedience. I can see it already – this is how his downfall begins. On the good guys side, we get to see the new base of operation for the resistance. Which, it turns out, is a waste management facility. Lloyd gets to bond with Elemental Masters (who are, for some reason, introduced again) and Mistaké, who seems is trying to be the new master Wu. There is also a terrible pun here – her name is Mistaké because she made many mistakes. Yep – can’t make that stuff up.

Putting all the puns aside, I really enjoyed this episode and hope they make many more just like this one. How about you?


So the Dragon Hunters aren’t Oni-interesting. Makes you wonder what in fact they are and what the Oni are up to. I could see them perhaps appearing in a future season, with Garmadon possibly joining up with them after the SoG are defeated or turn against him. Mr. E’s fate is disappointing-makes it seem likely that we’ll never get any real answers about him.

Yeah, was quite surprised myself. I hope they won’t end up just a passing thought. Mr.E’s fate definitely is disappointing but maybe the writers will surprise us with his history – somehow.

Yeah, it’d be pretty cheap to introduce a concept like that and then toss it out. Maybe the Oni left in search of the First Spinjitzu Master and just have yet to reach Ninjago? Or perhaps it’s like the Jackie Chan Adventures Oni storyline and they’re trapped inside the masks. If that’s the case, I potentially see the masks getting busted later in the season and them getting out.

Yeah, maybe they’ll find a way to work it in. There could always be more Nindroids where he came from-unless a theory I’ve seen that he’s a reprogrammed and rebuilt Echo Zane turns out to be true.

It’s kinda-sorta revealed what happened to (at least some of) the Oni. Won’t spoil anything here, but it was quite a shocking reveal. I do like your version with the masks better and I’m hoping that something like this will happen – it wouldn’t contradict anything the current explanation provides.

I can’t see Mr.E being Echo Zane. He’s rusty and fall-apart-y, Mr.E is mysterious and sleek. Zane’s evil twin, on the other hand, I could dig.

Well, the masks are supposed to represent Oni warlords, so it would make sense. Yeah, I feel like the effort of repurposing Echo Zane would be more trouble than just building a whole new Nindroid.

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