Ninjago: Hunted, episode 87 – semi-review

Thanks to the fact that Ninjago’s release schedule (thank you CN Singapore!) has picked up pace, we’re already back with another review for you. Episode 87, ‘Radio Free Ninjago’, brings Ninjago back on track of having episode names that make sense. Garmadon goes ahead and destroys all the radios in Ninjago. (no he does not) The episode is quite good, if a bit predictable, but I like the overall direction that the season seems to be taking. More on that in the, spoiler-full, episode review below.

Still from Ninjago Hunted Episode 87

The episode starts of with Kai, Jay and Zane facing off the Dragon Hunters in the arena – but are ultimately captured, mostly due to the fact that the Dragon Hunters have a weapon that attracts elemental powers. Dragon Hunter then use their elemental powers to lure and capture a Wind Dragon. The dragon looks quite nice and I hope we get him as a set. We learn more about the leader of the Dragon Hunters – the Iron Baron and Dragon Hunters themselves. Apparently, they’re hunting/collecting dragons because they fear the Oni’s return. One more horrible reveal occurs during the episode – the Ultra Dragon is dead.

Back in Ninjago Lloyd is taking lessons from Wu 2.0 – Mistaké about being a leader. Mistaké has Karlof beat up Dareth to prove a point. She seems to be a regular bundle of joy. Anyway – the team decides that it would be best to inspire the people than to try and fight Garmadon on their own. A welcome change in direction these things usually take (Ninja trying do to all by themselves, failing, then doing it on their own anyway via some wisdom and/or lesson). They decide this is best done by taking over Ultra Violet’s TV show. Infiltration of the TV tower was one of the best sequences in the episode. Neuro uses a Jedi mind trick to force Killow and other Sons of Garmadon to leave their post and go to a karaoke bar! Skylor uses Paleman’s power to hide them all right in front of Garmadon’s nose (literally). In the end, they manage to take over the show. Lloyd gives an epic speech*, giving hope back to Ninjago.

Overall, I feel that, this time around, the Ninjago bit was a bit stronger than the First realm one, but I think I liked them both almost equally.

* you can view the transcript of the entire text, with some excellent emphasis/highlighting of the most emotional parts, over at Alyce’s post over at the Masters of Spinjitzu blog.


So…just a random tribe of humanoids hanging out in the First Realm while the Oni have gone missing? Definitely sounds like set up for future trouble-unless they decide to write out the Oni like they’ve done to the Ultra Dragon. It’s kinda sad, but then we haven’t seen the UD since the S2 finale if memory serves.

Seems to be the case. My guess is that they’re as much a part of the realm as Dragons and Oni are. As I’ve said in another comment, the Oni are slowly being explained and I do believe we will be hearing/seeing more about them.

Hm, interesting. I wonder if they’re descendants of the people of the First Spinjitzu Master…

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