Ninjago: Hunted, episode 88 – semi-review

I’m getting a little behind on these, hopefully, just like the TV show, I’ll be able to pick up the pace. In any case, episode 88, called ‘How to Build a Dragon’ (a obvious pun on ‘How to Train Your Dragon’), was quite good, but not as good as the rest of the episodes in this season so far. The episode, in my eyes, serves as a good setup for the next few. Thankfully, the episodes that follow are much better – managed to watch them all on my train ride! Don’t let that stop you from reading our, spoiler-full, review below.

Still from Ninjago Hunted Episode 88

The episode starts off with a flashback to Jay’s childhood and the time he meet Wu. The flashback is revealed to be a part of Jay’s dream that gets interrupted by Lloyd’s broadcast (which he did in the previous episode), or at least a part of it. His words were apparently strong enough to shatter the barrier between realms. This lifts his spirit and he gets back to his old self. He comes up with a plan how to free all of them – by making a mechanical version of the Firstbourne. They do just that, but don’t manage to overpower the Dragon Hunters, until the real Firstbourne appears! Under the cover of her attack they manage to escape and free all of the captured dragons. Highlight of the “First Realm part” of the episode where definitely Wu’s wisecracks, which I typically dislike but were quite good this time around. There was also one disturbing reveal – the Dragon Hunters eat dragons. Take that as you will.

The resistance celebrates their victory in Ninjago. Dareth tries to join in on the fun but is ignored by the rest of the members. It’s not all bad though, since that pushes him into getting his own powers, finally! However, they come with a heavy price – he has to pee every time he uses them. Thanks to the fact that the resistance managed to hijack the TV station Garmadon lashes out at Harumi and almost kills her. She however buys herself another chance by revealing the location of the resistance to him. They start their ambush of the resistance just as the episode ends.

As you can see, there isn’t to much going on in this episode, but, trust me, it works as an excellent interlude into what’s to follow.


Question is, is the Firstbuilt something we should lament not getting in set form, or is it so like the Firstbourne that we’ve not missed out on anything not having a set version? Well, when you get right down to it, Dragons are animals-magical and highly intelligent, but animals nonetheless. Plus, given the barbaric nature of the hunters, it makes sense that they would follow up capturing the dragons and stealing their powers with killing and eating them.

Facepalm-do I even want to know what Dareth’s powers ARE? Garmadon is certainly going the right way if he’s looking to alienate or eliminate all his minions. At this rate it’ll be just him and the Colossus. Of course, we’ll have to see whether Harumi realizes that she’s been blind all this time or if she’ll just decides she made a mistake turning Garmadon against Lloyd.

Hah, Firstbuilt 😀 I love the name! I think that having Firstbuilt would’ve been quite awesome since it’s basically a bicycle with (dragon) wings. Kinda something like this:

, just way cooler.

Dareth’s powers seem to be “not holding it in”. I’m not sure if they’ve improved in the newer episodes – haven’t seen them yet. I don’t think that Harumi will betray Garmadon (or maybe she did already? Don’t tell me :P). She sees him too much as a father figure.

Yeah, it came to me as I was composing my comment. One would hope Jay could do better than that set. I have seen nothing of season nine, and that’s not likely to change.

I hope somebody from LEGO read you comment and will use the name for a future set! 😀 If you got time to check out Hunter. It’s good. Surprisingly so.

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