Ninjago: Hunted, episode 90 – semi-review

Getting back on track of giving, truly late, reviews of Ninjago episodes – it’s time we reviewed episode 90, called ‘Two Lies, One Truth’. The title seems to reference the popular, at least during team-buildings, game ‘Two Truths and a Lie’. Perhaps this is also a reference to Tommy Andreasen’s tweet for April Fools’? The episode is quite good, with one scene that almost ruined the whole season for me. More about that after the usual break. Naturally, there will be spoilers abound.

Still from Ninjago Hunted Episode 90

In the first realm Iron Baron finds his subordinates in the desert and is informed of Heavy Metal/Faith’s betrayal. Jet Jack volunteers herself to hunt her and the ninja down while they continue going “towards” the golden dragon armor. Or at least towards wherever Master Wu’s gut is leading them to. One of the best, at least cinematics wise, chase scenes in Ninjago ensues and it even involves a dragon.

After they escape they come upon an (abandoned) Oni City! But there is no armor to be found! Faith rages, but Wu manages to escape her wrath by finding a map to the armor. The map shown in the episode is not complete, but the armor is clearly marked. What’s more interesting to me is that there is a hint of some kind of a large city, with asian-styled buildings, on it. I hope we will get to see it some time in the future.

The Ninjago Realm part starts with a huge reveal that kind of was done in the previous episode – Mistaké is an Oni. And she is quite old. Apparently, she came to Ninjago in the “Time of Legend” (that’s how Lloyd referred time of Ninjago’s creation as), chasing the First Spinjitzu Master. Her, and her teammate’s, goal was to either convert him or kill him. However, Mistaké feel in love with Ninjago and sabotaged the operation. She’s been helping the First Spinjitzu master ever since.

The next scene in Ninjago City is the one I was talking about in the beginning of the post. Harumi, somehow, manages to convince Garmadon to adopt her. What. The guy who cold-heartedly killed Mr. E for failing to track down Lloyd. Almost killed Harumi for the same reason. And wants to kill Lloyd, his true flesh and blood, for apparently no reason, since he has place for love in his heart. Oh, and, he’s destroying Ninjago so he can protect it against an unknown darkness. Right. If you love something, destroy it. If it rebuilds, it was always yours. I guess that was the sentiment.

Towards the end of the episode the resistance manages to outwit the Sons of Garmadon once more and capture Harumi in a true ninja style. This sequence and the one before (Oni City), definitely, requested the episode. What were your thoughts on the episode?


Gee, the Oni left behind a map to an artifact designed to destroy them? How helpful! Boy, Mistake sure has been getting attention these past couple seasons, after showing up about three times previously and never for very long when she did. Makes me wonder why the FSM kicked it if she’s still around. Good grief, inter-realm travel is getting less impressive all the time; everyone seems to find a way to do it.

Yeah, that is a load of crap, especially after all the emphasis they put on the fact that this Lord Garmadon has none of the positive qualities of his former identity. Admittedly the whole “my home isn’t safe so I’d better conquer it and make it safe” had been done before. However, that seems entirely out of character for the undead demon this Garmadon has been portrayed as. Him adopting Harumi-and her wanting to be adopted by him-seems completely nuts.

Indeed it is 😀 But who knows how the map got there?

I’ve always liked Mistaké, mostly for the mysticism her teas brought into Ninjago. So I can’t say that I’m dissatisfied with her being given more screen time. I think FSM simply died of old age. Oni seem to be able to do it just like dragons. Not that there’s not a gazillion ways to do it using various tools.

Yep. Why they went down this road, I’m not sure… If Harumi was so fixated on having a family – she wouldn’t have killed her adoptive one. If Garmadon was so forgiving, he wouldn’t want to kill his son (who did nothing wrong).

You make an excellent point, especially since Oni are supposed to be the dark equivalent of dragons. Hm…I wonder if the Golden Weapon guardian dragons and the Overlord were the dragon version of Mistaké’s party, with the four falling in love with Ninjago while the Overlord became evil.

Yeah-seems like they didn’t have everything planned out in advance for these arcs.

I don’t think that Overlord is an Oni – they shouldn’t have powers similar to his. Nor does the appearance match. But, who knows!

I was actually suggesting that the Overlord was a corrupt dragon, similar to how Misako is apparently a reformed Oni. Of course, I know a lot of YouTubera think he might have been an Oni. Of course, all we’ve gotten on his origins is that he served as a dark counterbalance to the First Spinjitzu Master.

I was actually suggesting that he was a corrupt dragon who came to Ninjago with the four from the pilot. The idea is basically that, whereas Misako fell in love with Ninjago and became good, the Overlord sought to make it his own and became evil. Of course, I know the idea of him being an Oni is out there. Of course, all the show has said is that he was a dark counterbalance to the FSM.

Ohhh, I didn’t get that sentiment – but that does make a lot of sense! (him being a corrupt dragon – hell, he’s transformed into a literal dragon in the show) Maybe he’s even FSM’s twin? (all that ying-yang that his family seems to have)

Sorry about the near duplicate comments-my phone, the site, or both seem to have been acting up.

No worries : ) If you want me to delete any – just say so!

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