Ninjago: Hunted, episode 91 – semi-review

We’re getting back into the rhythm of giving semi-regular semi-reviews with episode 91, ‘The Weakest Link’. And just like the title suggests, this episode was one of the weaker ones this season, but with good reason – it sets up many of the plot lines for their grand finale(s). Read what happens in it, together with our thoughts, at your own peril, for there are spoilers abound.

Still from Ninjago Hunted Episode 91

In the First Realm, the Dragon Hunters who are chasing the ninja go into Oni territory. Faith learns what cake is, the ninja how to use chain-guns. Zane, naturally, does it correctly on his first try. The rest have a hard time, especially Wu. Applying their newfound skills they catch a Stormbringer Dragon and Wu learns how to ride it – for a while. The Dragon Hunters catch up to them and Iron Baron promises to whoever catches the ninja that he (or she) will be his number two. This, however, wasn’t the ninja’s first tango and they manage to outsmart them and take over the Dieselnaut. In the end, however, it was Faith’s sacrifice that let them escape.

On the Ninjago side of the episode, we start of with Harumi being tied and Lloyd deciding not to use her Oni Mask of Hatred, even though everybody else recommends he does. Instead, he comes up with a more devilish plan – he’ll send Mistaké (disguised as Harumi) and Skylor to steal Garmadon’s power to control the Colossus. Harumi manages to trick Dareth – just how is not shown, ties him up and interrupts the plan at the last second – just as Skylor was about to take Garmadon’s power.

As I’ve mentioned in the first paragraph – the episode does not offer a lot of progression, but does set up nicely for the things to come and, for that reason alone, it’s describe it as “good”. What are your thoughts?


A Stormbringer Dragon, eh? Must be the first time since Possession that a single dragon build has represented multiple dragons. Smart of Lloyd not to use that mask, if you ask me. Everyone who’s used them previously has been evil, and I shudder to think of the ill effects a user of good intentions might suffer. Of course, Skylor stealing Garmadon’s power seems like it could be potentially hazardous as well. It’s Dareth-is there really any need to know how he was tricked?

I agree, if nothing else, he kept the moral high-ground. Her stealing Garmadon’s power indeed turns out bad – but that’s for another review 😀 I would’ve loved to see another goofy scene with him! They’re always fun and adorable.

Yeah, typically using dark magic artifacts is a bad move in every sense. True, Dareth is a hilarious and lovable guy-sadly, he’s not the most helpful of the ninjas’ allies.

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