Ninjago: Hunted, episode 92 – semi-review

‘Saving Faith’, or episode 92, gets Ninjago: Hunted back on track with unnerving reveals and events unfolding beautifully – penmanship-wise. It’s a really good episode that, I think, hits home really hard – bringing a lot of Ninjago fans smiles to their faces. Read why below. Just be vary of spoilers.

Still from Ninjago Hunted Episode 92

In the First Realm things are picked up where we left them in the last episode. Faith is captured and, just like the title suggest, the ninja will try to save her. True, mostly due to Wu’s insistence that it’s important to “have faith”. Only, he takes it way too literally. Not that I mind, mind you, I really like her character. Naturally, in the process they themselves get captured. They’re, however, quite relaxed about the situation and even kind-of-sort-of manage to plant the seed of disdain within the ranks of the Dragon Hunters. The almost rebellion is crushed by the Iron Baron, however, and the ninja get electrocuted. This jogs Wu’s memory and he recalls his past. Getting his mojo back he quickly remembers that no chains can bind him, gets out of them and proposes to Iron Baron that they go get the Dragon Armor together. Provided that Iron Baron takes them back to Ninjago once he has it.

If you thought that was bad – wait until you learn about what transpires in Ninjago City. As you recall, in the last episode, the resistance tried to take Garmadon’s power by having Skylor, who was brought in front of him by Mistaké (who has transformed to Harumi) touch him. This plan is foiled by the actual Harumi which left them in a bad situation. Mistaké is challenged by Garmadon and she takes him on in her true form, which looks a lot like Garmadon’s evil form. In the battle’s confusion Harumi manages to get his power and run away. However, Mistaké is captured, and then killed (off-screen), or, at least, it was strongly implied that she was.

Skylor gets back to the resistance, informs them of Mistaké’s fate and then tries to control Garmadon’s colossus. In the end, she is successful – she destroys the Oni Mask of Deception and almost gets Garmadon. However, Garmadon’s power proves too much for her to handle and she falls into a catatonic state. The colossus falls onto a building in which Harumi rescues a kid whose fate could’ve been like hers. Having no escape, she accepts her fate and dies in the building’s collapse. Her and Lloyd “exchange” (she was very far away, it was more psychological) final looks. I’m happy that the writers decided to not let her miss her last chance at (a small) redemption. The episode ends with Lloyd, Nya and Dareth taking care of Skylor.

It was a very tense episode, with a touch of silly on the First Realm side of things. I really liked it.


Don’t you just love it when the bad guy conveniently does the one thing you know is going to ruin their plans? Almost makes you feel sorry for the Baron. So, the Oni female who’s picture has been floating around is Mistaké? Interesting-shame she’s apparently gone now. Kinda makes sense her true form resembles Lord Garmadon-that form seems to be his Oni heritage unleashed.

So, the Mask of Hatred is captured and the Mask of Deception destroyed-still leaves Vengeance unaccounted for. Yeah, kinda figured stealing Garmadon’s power would go badly. Ironic-Harumi dies in a situation similar to how she lost her parents, but this time it was her own fault. Sounds like she did good at the end, though that doesn’t change the fact that she’s done some pretty terrible stuff. Of course, it seems losing her birth parents messed her up pretty bad.

Yeah, it’s definitely Mistaké. I have to say, I prefer her human form 😀 It does make sense, I’ve always wondered why he suddenly turned all black and skeleton-y. Always assumed it was because he “died”.

I agree, her actions by no means mean that she’s been redeemed, at least not in my eyes.

Yeah, her human form is preferable, though the facial design was interesting. I wonder if the other Oni will share a similar look or if they’ll be more diversified. I imagine that at the time his look was developed Lord Garmadon was meant to be sort of undead like you say. It’s just that now it seems the combination of the Great Devourer venom in his system and the process of being banished to the Underworld brought out his inner Oni.

Yeah, Harumi definitely has a lot stacked against her. Forming or taking over the Sons of Garmadon, masterminding the Royal Palace takeover and the apparent slaughter of its inhabitants, and bringing who knows what other terror and death to Ninjago. Still, I see her villainous path as coming more from psychological trauma than from megalomania or a superiority complex. That definitely sets her apart from most Ninjago villains.

I think they’ll be more or less the same – considering that her and Garmadon are so similar. Would love to see some funky horn designs though! Could be their distinguishing characteristic.

Yes, I still can’t forgive her for killing Hutchins – the FSM (in my mind). I agree that she’s a bit different than other villains – she’s got a reason to be bad. I do believe for most others we didn’t get any reasons for their villainy.

Well, I half wonder if they didn’t do that because there’s no Mistake Oni minifigure in the works, and so they just decided to make her look similar to Garmadon. Of course, I suppose we’ll hopefully see in the event that any future sets include Oni minifigures. Hm, the motivations of various Ninjago villains-could be an interesting subject to go into at length…

You could be right there – but I don’t think minifigure selection influenced it too much, but it could’ve a little.

I completely agree with you, it would be an interesting piece to read! You interested? 😉

I was hoping you would ask.

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