Ninjago: Hunted, episode 93 – semi-review

Episode 93, ‘Lessons for a Master’, is the penultimate episode for Ninjago’s hunted season. In it, many plot lines are played out to their end and it truly leaves the viewers with a sense that things are finally getting to a climax. As far as episodes go, it was quite good – find out why after the usual break. Beware of spoilers though.

Still from Ninjago Hunted Episode 93

In the First Realm the ninja and Faith are still all tied up at Dragon Hunter’s base camp. The Dragon Hunters discuss the fact that Iron Baron might not be all that he claims to be. In the end they decide to side with the ninja. Wu’s still guiding Iron Baron to the Golden armor. En route he saves his life, but it does nothing for Iron Baron and his ego. When they reach the Firstbourne’s lair they immediately spot the armor. Firstbourne awakens and Iron Baron puts on the armor in an attempt to control her. This fails, because, apparently, it was never the armor but the goodness in First Spinjitzu Master’s heart. Not because he was her child. Iron Baron does a Han Solo and gets frozen in molten lava.

Wu puts on the armor and rides the Firstbourne back to the ninja. Once he arrives he shares the news of Iron Baron’s fate and nobody sheds a tear. Firstbourne summons more dragons for the ninja to ride and they leave for Ninjago City. Faith decides to remain behind, since she needed more in the First Realm. She finally learns to pronounce Ninjago.

Back in Ninjago City we see an enraged Garmadon, unleashing his Colossus upon the city. The resistance, or what’s left of it, flee the scene and discuss whether to escape the city entirely. Lloyd refuses and chooses to fight instead. They’re soon confronted by Ultra Violet. During the fight Mask of Hatred is destroyed. Quite easily I might add. They are ultimately surrounded by Sons of Garmadon thugs and their situation does not look good. Luckily, the rest of the ninja just escaped the First Realm. How exactly they’ll save them we’ll have to see in the next episode.

This episode concludes the story of the First Realm, but I have a feeling that this won’t be the last time we hear about it.


So did they actually come out and say that the Firstbourne is the FSM’s mother? I was of the opinion that he was just born with the powers/traits of both Oni and Dragons, not that he was blood kin to them. So Iron Baron is frozen? Sounds like they want to leave the possibility of bringing him back at some point open. Also, think you meant to say his fate, not faith-probably used to keying that word after all these reviews.

More dragons, aka more things we don’t have in set form. Makes sense for Faith to stay in the First Realm, though anyone who was shipping her with Wu must be disappointed. So…does the armor only work for the good hearted, or is it powerless? Would be a first for a Ninjago MacGuffin.

Speaking of MacGuffins, I’m rather surprised that they’re destroying the Oni Masks. It seems like previously they’ve been content to let stuff like that drop out of the story unless it proves useful again. Just the Mask of Vengeance left to go, unless it’s supposed to have been destroyed when Garmadon took out Mr. E.

No, not directly. But it is heavily implied, that they have a close family relationship. And thinking about it, she is the mother of all Dragons, so she’s either his mother of his grandmother. The FSM’s bloodline definitely has Oni and Dragon blood – according to Mistaké at least.

That or the writers have a hard time letting any of the good guys/gal kill anybody. Although, I’m not certain anybody can survive lava…

Indeed, it was a typo. As you’ve said, Faith is definitely ingrained in my fingers.

We got a lot of the new dragons this year in set form. I only wish they resembled the TV Show incarnations more. This is the first time I prefer the TV show version better (doesn’t mean that the sets are bad, just that I like the flesh versions more).

Ha, never look at Faith/Wu that way. But I did like her character. Sad to see her stay in the First Realm. I think she could offer a lot of serious comic relief is she went with the ninja 😀

As you say, it being a MacGuffin and all – it was never properly explained. But I do believe that the armor has no power whatsoever. It’s just flashy.

Mask of Vengeance was definitely not destroyed. It’s fate still remains a mystery. On a side note – did you hear who Mr.E was supposed to be?

Well, that’s…a bit weird, in my opinion. Like I say, I figured he just had the traits of both Oni and Dragons, not that he inherited them. If the Firstbourne was his mother, wouldn’t that mean his father is an Oni? If so, why the heck would two natural enemies have a child together? Makes you wonder if we’ll meet his father…or if we already have…

That’s true, though you’d think a dragon could get away with taking out the leader of the Dragon Hunters. Ordinary lava, sure, but this is magic dragon lava that encases instead of melting. I heard somewhere that it’s a legal thing in some countries: can’t have toys and their TV show counterparts looking too similar for some reason. I figure there are those who will ship just about anybody. It is a bit of a pity-she was a fun surprise and the Ninja can always use another female ally.

Yes, I heard that the Hageman Bros had wanted to reveal that he was Echo Zane. Makes sense in a way, as Nindroids are few and far between. But it would have been a bit cumbersome, and Zane would probably have been more confused than anything. It would have required more focus on Mr. E than they were evidently willing to put in. Hm, maybe the Mask of Vengeance will end up a forgotten plot device, like the Elemental and Techno Blades before it.

Maybe it’s a bit weirder than that? Maybe he’s their magical offspring or born out some kind of a peace pact? Not to mention that a lot of stuff happens during a war. But, that’s way to dark for a children’s show – so let’s not go there.

Oh, I did not know that! That’s very peculiar. In my country, the more similar it is – the better 😀 For parents, children and the sellers. Different mentality I guess.

I agree, it would take way too much to explain. Still, it’s an interesting direction to take with Echo Zane, but also an interesting future possibility for Zane – who seems the least incorruptible of the ninja, at least to me.

Well, such an odd pairing has occurred in other franchises. I know of one in particular-also involving a dragon, as it happens. One of the major creature characters from the Kaijudo series was a hybrid. It was also really weird because the dragons in that series apparently have a purist superiority complex, so his parents being together-albeit briefly-didn’t really make sense either.

Yeah, don’t think Ninjago would or could go into that sort of deal. More likely if the FSM was born of an Oni-Dragon pairing, the Oni probably acted like he wanted peace but really hoped that the offspring would side with the Oni and give them an advantage. I half wonder if that’s the true history of the Overlord. When the FSM fled, the Overlord went after him to Ninjago hoping to capture and/or destroy him.

Yeah, all countries are different, I guess. The idea of Echo Zane as Mr. E is interesting, if a little sad. Of course, the alternative is him rusting away at the lighthouse forever. Maybe next year’s specials will touch upon the matter. Yeah, Zane seems to be the purest hearted of the Ninja, and fortunately has not once been subjected to the whole “reprogrammed into being evil” routine. Hopefully it stays that way, though having him fearful of the possibility might make an interesting story.

I’ve never heard of Kaijudo – will have check it out. The premise sounds interesting enough. Would you recommend it?

Now that I think about it, could Overlord, considering the new mythos, be FSM’s brother/relative? Ie, like you suggest, the offspring that chose the Oni side. I mean, he has the power of creation (created the Stone Army), the power of destruction (the darkness he uses while possessing Garmadon) and has turned into a Dragon.

It was a pretty good series from what I recall, though it’s been a while since I’ve been able to watch it. A few out there concepts here and there. That concept of the Overlord is definitely out there. I’ve also heard a theory that he’s the FSM’s dark side-like somehow he split into two separate beings.

Ok then, I’ll add it to my “to watch list” and probably never get the time to watch it 😀

Okay, so I just saw a clip of the Ninja riding their new dragons in Ninjago-looks like the only one that isn’t already in set form is Zane’s dragon. A pity that polybag is the closest we’re probably going to get.

Yeah, but I really like that polybag, so I can’t complain 😀

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