Ninjago: Hunted, episode 94 – semi-review

As they say “better late than never”, here comes the last review for Ninjago’s Hunted season. This review, as the title suggests, focuses on episode 94, ‘Green Destiny’, whose title seems to be a reference to the sequel of ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon‘. In any case, it’s the finale of season and it wraps up several plot lines quite nicely, while opening new ones for the season(s) to come. Spoilers start now, so stop reading if you dislike those.

Still from Ninjago Hunted Episode 94

The episode starts of exactly where the last one stopped – with Lloyd, Nya and Dareth being surrounded by Sons of Garmadon, but the dragon riding vikings, I mean ninja, come to their rescue. It’s a heartfelt reunion of dragons breathing their elemental powers at the enemies. I have to admit the scene looked quite cool. However I disliked how docile the dragons seemed once Sons of Garmadon ran off. Wu has a silly moment where he equates himself to power and seems to think himself as being almighty.

The ninja take on Garmadon’s colossus with their dragons, while Lloyd and Wu go face Garmadon. In the meanwhile Dareth impresses Gayle Gossip. Elemental masters, spurred by the return of the ninja, break out of Kryptarium prison. Seems all they lacked was motivation. When Lloyd and Wu reach Garmadon, he attacks and overpowers them, despite the fact that the Firstbourne is on their side. Lloyd, however, manages to gain an edge thanks to the fact that the dragonbone sword can absorb powers, his silver tongue and the fact that Garmadon gets weaker if you choose not to fight back. You read that right. Also, repeating “I cannot fight you, but I can resist you” seems to help a lot as well. Not only with defeating Garmadon but also with letting Lloyd regain his power.

Meanwhile, the ninja are having a hard time with the colossus. Mostly because it’s too big and they didn’t bring enough chains to subdue it. Kai heroically jumps on it, trying to fuse all the chains with his power. It works, for a while, but in the end the colossus breaks free. As it does, Wu comes riding in and saves the day. As the colossus falls to the ground, it loses it’s power due to the fact that Garmadon is defeated at the same time.

As Garmadon kneels defeated he gives a somber warning – there is a great evil that threatens Ninjago, and only his power can keep it at bay. He’s unwilling to say who or what this great evil is exactly (I, like Lloyd, suspect the Onii). Not to worry though, I’m sure Lloyd can “resist” them as well. Skylor’s curse is also lifted. In the aftermath of Garmadon’s defeat, Sons of Garmadon are arrested and the ninja help rebuild Ninjago. While they’re cleaning up the Royal Palace, now old, Wu tells them there’s trouble outside. All is well however, because it’s all a ruse and the inhabitants of Ninjago throw them a party to show how grateful they are.

The episode ends with all the Dragons returning to the First Realm, but Wu hints they’ll return when they are needed.

I mostly liked the episode. But, the final showdown of the Garmadon family had some truly lazy writing in it. It should’ve been handled much, much better. What are your thoughts?


Way to reference HtTYD. I suppose you could look at it as dragons not being naturally aggressive. I mean, Rocky and co. were downright cuddly once their whole “guard the Golden Weapons” gig was over. That is indeed silly-Wu may have a high opinion of himself, but a god complex moment seems more like his brother’s cup of tea.

Dragons vs. Colossus=Good. Lame defeat of Garmadon=Bad. It does seem like the writers weren’t on their A-game this season. Though Lloyd’s approach to overcoming Garmadon does recall the Art of the Silent Fist.

Given that they just had two seasons talking about the Oni without them appearing-apart from Mystake-it would be rather absurd not to have them be a future-if not the very next-major threat to Ninjago. The showdown does indeed seem to have been lackluster, as does the apparent fate of Emperor Garmadon: depowered and in jail. It seems like the whole SoG/Hunted arc was a bit of a mess; like they had too much that they wanted to do and didn’t think any of it all the way through. It’s also a bit disappointing how we ended up back at the old status quo in the end; it seems like arcs with so much happening should have had more of an impact.

Well, at least the First Realm dragons will have a decent reason if they never show up again, unlike the Elemental dragons the writers seem to be hoping we’ll forget about. I’m also hoping that Garmadon will get treated better whenever the Oni finally do show up.

They were very aggressive in the First Realm, attacking Cole and Wu for no reason. Let’s just say it’s due to the presence of Firstbourne and leave it at that : ) It wasn’t really a God -complex type of a situation. More of a (very) bad joke gone wrong.

Yep, I was very angry at the episode because of that. Could’ve and should’ve went into an entirely different direction. Heck, I’d even prefer Lloyd somehow overpowering him because his powers came back even stronger because Garmadon threw him of a building or something. “I cannot fight you, but I can resist you” is plain horrible.

We’ll see how the next season starts – whether the SoG arc had any impact on Ninjago and its denizens. I’m hoping for major changes in the attitude towards the ninja and non-human species.

You’re totally right there 😀 However, if the leaks are to be believed, the new gis feature dragons heavily, so I assume either elemental dragons will be back, or the guardian dragons will be.

True, but I’d imagine they mistook them for Dragon Hunters at that point. By this time not only are the Dragon Hunters no longer hunting dragons, but they’re in an entirely different realm with now trusted allies. I see-perhaps we’ll blame that one on his rapid aging process. Speaking of which, that’s also a bit convenient-Wu gets back to his original age with no apparent complications other than that brief spat of memory loss.

It also seems a bit cheap not to best him using the Dragonbone Blade after all the hassle of getting together the ultimately fairly powerless Dragon Armor. What changes in attitude are you expecting? And why towards non-humans in addition to the Ninja? As for the dragons, aren’t the guardians…you know…dead? What with Iron Baron turning the Ultra Dragon into a throne?

Yeah, hopefully the next season will be a step up in writing. Having an arc spanning multiple seasons was ambitious, but execution fell a bit flat.

Stranger things have been known to occur in Ninjago. I’m just surprised that they showed him – they could’ve waited until the next season and never explained anything.

I’d like to see the citizens trust the ninja a little bit less, and take matter “into their own hands” a bit more (instead of always just running away). Also, for defense purposes only perhaps, I’d like to see more relations between humans and serpentine – they haven’t really been included in the latest seasons, sans the occasional gag.

They are dead – but! Ninjago. That’s all I have to say 😀 Especially since I suspect there will be more time travel next season.

I think the Wu thing was about showing that we’re back at the usual status quo. Wu is back with the full Ninja team and the villains have been imprisoned, killed, or redeemed. We lost Mystake but she’s barely been around anyway, and we have P.I.X.A.L. physical again as the new Samurai X. The royal family is gone, but they were pretty much a tack on for the eighth season anyway.

Any particular reason you’d see a lack of trust developing? Sure, Garmadon and co. managed to take over Ninjago for a time, but the Ninja did come through in the end. The idea of them trying to set up an alternative defense force could be interesting, as could seeing what sort of government is in place with the royal family gone. It would be cool if the Serpentine were a bit more involved as well. Of course, we’re about due for another round of snake villains…perhaps after the Oni?

If time travel gets into it, it’s certainly a possibility. Dragons have been featured in some way in every Ninjago wave except Day of the Departed and Sons of Garmadon, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them reappear. Of course, it’d be nice to get a full-sized version of Zane’s First Realm dragon. And if we’re talking time travel, well…Overlord.

Yeah, you’re most likely right on spot with that one. It’s just a device to reset everything to pre-SoG, or pre-HoT actually.

I see it as more of a natural reaction – it would/should happen in the real world. Fall from grace of this magnitude should have proper consequences.

I would really like that! But am very doubtful. Maybe somewhere (way) down the line.

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