Ninjago in the Summer of 2018 Catalogue

Before I started frequenting LEGO news sites January and June were my favorite months. I still remember the daily visits to my town’s only official/unofficial LEGO store to check whether they had the latest catalogue. These days, I know most, if not all sets, that will appear in them well before their release, but some of that charm of discovery is still there. You find out which themes are gone, you get to see some surprises in the themes you don’t follow and, all in all, it’s plain fun to see the “story” the arrangement of sets is trying to tell. This year is no exception, as you can see for yourself:

Ninjago: Hunted

The Ninjago section of the catalogue is, of course, dominated by the latest sets that represent various buildings and vehicles in Ninjago: Hunted. The background, and arrangement, is quite nice, and I’d say, quite a bit better than the one for Sons of Garmadon. It’s nice to see all the minifigures next to each other – makes is easier to compare them.

LEGO 2018 Summer Catalogue - Page 72

LEGO 2018 Summer Catalogue - Page 73

LEGO 2018 Summer Catalogue - Page 74

LEGO 2018 Summer Catalogue - Page 75

Ninjago: Sons of Garmadon

Naturally, Sons of Garmadon sets are also in the catalogue – they’re still stocked on shelves and, as others have pointed out – they’re still pretty much actual due to the fact that Sons of Garmadon, the gang, have an active role in the next season.

LEGO 2018 Summer Catalogue - Page 76

LEGO 2018 Summer Catalogue - Page 77

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Ninjago Movie’s line up has been considerably reduced – which, in my mind, all but confirms that we won’t be getting any more additional sets after Ninjago City Docks.

LEGO 2018 Summer Catalogue - Page 78

If you wish to check out the entire catalogue, you can do so here.


The Hunted arrangement is indeed nice-makes it seem like the sets actually go together instead of each just being it’s own little thing. Sadly, it looks like they truly did cut Nya out of the Dragon Masters line. It’s a little surprising not to see Oni Titan, but maybe that one is going to be a retailer exclusive. Yeah, the movie sets look to be finished, barring a surprise minifigure series. Alas, Narwhal Soldier and Fuschia Ninja-we hardly knew ye.

Yeah, it seems Oni Titan is an retailer exclusive set – though, in Europe, it simply means that it isn’t in the catalogue. It’s available almost everywhere.

I don’t think an additional CMF series will happen – but will be very glad if it does. Made a whole post about it 😀

Well, it certainly makes things nice so far as collecting the summer wave’s set of Minifigures goes; there’s only a handful that only appear in one set each. Sure, Nya and Lloyd alternate having hair pieces and hoods in Oni Titan and Throne Room Showdown, but the hair pieces are common enough.

Yeah, I remember you posting about it. Another CMF would be nice-or maybe a Fuschia Ninja mech set with a few wanted TLNM figs. Such a set would be fitting considering his element.

Yeah, it does seem that this wave’s minifigures, at least the good guys, are easily collected.

I’ve finished building Ninjago City Docks today – it’s clearly built with future expansions in mind. I hope TLG will surprise us and surprise release at least one more Ninjago modular with a nice selection of minifigures.

Well, from examining the summer wave, the only Minifigures that are only found in one set each are Arkade, Skylor, Daddy No Legs, the two versions of Wu, and Skullbreaker. Everyone else appears in at least two sets each with no or minor differences, with the exception of the Dragon Masters and polybag Hunter.

One can only hope.

Totally forgot about the non-powered-up Wu in the Dieselnaut. And I love that minifigure!

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