Ninjago at Nuremberg Toy Fair

For almost 70 years now toy lovers all around have eagerly awaited February to come, so they could get their yearly fix of latest toy news (I’m probably exaggerating a bit here). Nevertheless, Nuremberg Toy Fair, the largest international toy fair, is one hell of event for us, LEGO fans. Every year LEGO makes a big presence and this one was no exception. Admittedly, it was perhaps a bit smaller than previous years, with less unreleased/unannounced sets than usual. And, like every year so far, I haven’t attended it, since only a limited number of people are actually invited to attend. So, full disclosure, all of the information presented here is from third party sources, mostly from


Traditionally, Ninjago gets a whole display for current sets, which was extra awesome this year, since it was complemented by an awesome upscaled model of 70643 – Temple of Resurrection. It’s made, in part, from regular bricks and, in part, from huge huge LEGO bricks. LEGO, if you’re wondering where to put it after the fair, I’ll make some room for it in my apartment!

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair. Credit for the picture goes to

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair. Credit for the picture goes to

Ninjago City Docks

Ninjago City Docks set has been confirmed to be released in 2018. It’s going to be available from June, costing €229.99. Apparently, like Ninjago City set, it will have many different buildings, but will be flatter overall. It will connect to Ninjago City via Technic pins. Andres Lehmann, a writer over at, has pointed out that the set seems a bit small for the price point. Will this be the last in the “Ninjago Modular” line? Hopefully not!

Ninjago City Docks

LEGO Boost

Ninjagonese LEGO Boost logo

One interesting piece of news is that 17101 – LEGO Boost is set to get extensions (kind of). One of these extensions will be the possibility to combine with a yet unannounced Ninjago Stormbringer Dragon set. I’m really interested in seeing what have the Boost designers come up with.

Summer 2018 sets

Unfortunately, it seems like we won’t be getting images/descriptions of the upcoming Ninjago Season 9 sets, which I was really hoping that we would. It looks like we won’t be getting the any time soon in fact, since LEGO won’t be displaying them at NY Toy Fair either. In any case, there are already rumors floating around about these, so you can look forward about me posting about these in one of the next posts.


Yeah, Lego’s being all hush-hush with the summer waves-the fan consensus over on Brickset seems to be that they’re trying to hold off the knockoff companies as long as possible.

That doesn’t make too much sense… They just won a huge victory in China. Not to mention that the knock-off companies get the sets due to somebody leaking company secrets. Maybe they thinks it’s the organizers of some of these fairs?

Well, that just seemed to be the opinion of most folks on Brickset. Doesn’t strike me as a huge deal-the sets and pics of the sets will come out eventually.

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