Ninjago Season 9 – Announcement Trailer

CoroCoro, an immensely popular Japanese magazine, or rather, its official Youtube channel, has been releasing Ninjago’s latest episode for the Japanese market. Why’s that interesting you ask? Well, you see, the last episode came with a trailer for the next season, which is coming this year! You read that right, this year! Hype. Ninjago: Dragon Hunters, if the Japanese name is translated directly, will be airing this July. Now, if you don’t know much Japanese, you’ll be happy to know that there are some rumors that the next season will begin airing in little over a month in Australia, but no official confirmation on that. In any case, you can view the trailer below, but it is heavy in spoiler, as is the reminder of the text. You’ve been warned.

Next season is going to be awesome! As we know from the event from Sons of Garmadon, the Ninja are split, with most of them in the First Realm. Trailer shows us that Sons of Garmadon have occupied Ninjago City and damaged it heavily. Lloyd and Nya are doing their best to control the situation, and keep their spirit high. They seemingly turn to the elemental masters for help (curiously only those that’ve already received a minifigure – curse you LEGO if it is so just so you don’t have to make the rest!). The rest of the Ninja are stuck in the realm of Oni and Dragons and in order to get back they’re looking for the legendary dragon Nerujira* (I guess the Firstbourne dragon). However, the Dragon Hunters are in their way.

Are you looking forward to the next season? I most certainly am!

* Transcribed, poorly, by me – I guess it could be translated like sleeping whale – but is a play on Godzilla? (gojira).


[…] it is dubbed in Japanese, I have to say that there are some spoilers ahead so be warned. Thanks to Brick Samurai for the […]

Well, looks like I’ll have to add a note about female Oni to that article you asked me for…

Gotta say, I’m not sure I’m gonna like this new season if the Sons of Garmadon and all the side Elemental Masters are going to be a factor. I’m not a fan of most of them besides Skylor.

Indeed you do! 😀

I love the Elemental Masters! Well, their appearance anyway – they’re some of my favorite minifigures.

Ninjago season 9 has a release date for June 30th 2018 in Australia!

I’d probably like them better if it weren’t for the fact that they consist primarily of a bunch of Mortal Combat character ripoffs and two renamed Ultra Agents figures. There’s also the sad fact that only a handful of them have names that aren’t blatantly derived from their Elemental Power, which seems kind of lazy. More-and better-female members would have been nice too. Personally, I’m more interested in the Serpentine War era Elemental Masters, particularly since we still don’t know what the deal is between Cole and the Master of Earth. It seems like the Master could easily be Lou, but it’s kind of annoying that it hasn’t been touched upon.

The concept of the Elemental Masters is actually kinda cool, especially the idea that the first generation of them were apparently associated with the First Spinjitzu Master. It’d be cool if we could see some media-whether a future season or a graphic novel or something-dealing with that group of Elemental Masters.

That comparison is actually quite good! 😀 I wonder if they were a source of inspiration?

I agree, I’d also like to know much more about the previous Elemental Masters. Adding stories about previous Avatars in Avatar: The Last Airbender did wonders for its worldbuilding!

Supposedly they were-I’m not a Mortal Combat fan, but I know several of the characters are supposed to have been the inspiration for various Elemental Masters. Stories about the earlier masters wouldn’t hurt at all, particularly if we could get a First Spinjitzu Master minifigure out of the deal.

I did not know that! That’s cool in a way.

FSM minifigure would be nice, but I am not holding my breath.

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