Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Air Date

If is to be believed, our friends “down under” will be able to catch the latest episodes of Ninjago in two Saturdays. If that’s too esoteric – the air date is scheduled for January 20th, 2018. Name of the episode is “Mask of Deception”, but we already knew that, thanks to the various sneak peeks we’ve had.

Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Air Date

As the sneak peeks have shown us one year has passed since Time Twins, the Vermillion and Master Wu were lost in time. While the Ninja are searching for clues of Wu’s whereabouts, Sons of Garmadon, a motorcycle gang infiltrate Borg Industries and steal the Oni Mask of Vengeance. Lloyd is tries to stop them, but is ultimately unable to and they manage to escape with the Oni Mask. Seeing that Ninjago is facing a new threat he decides to reform the Ninja crew.


Yeah, but what about those of us in the US of A?

Apparently, it will also release sometime this month : )

Hm…it’d be nice to have a specific airdate. By the way, Lego’s updated their Ninjago site to Sons of Garmadon-it still appears to be under construction, but it is there.

Apparently it will air on the 29th! I’ve seen that they’ve updated it, but it’s very buggy tbh.

Yeah, it’s definitely got some issues-although it least it has some descriptions to go along with the characters, which is more than could be said for the Nexo Knight site last I checked. Well, I suppose it’s less than a month away…the wait is still going to drive me crazy.

They went ahead and changed it even further, now it seems that the Museum is no more… Which is a shame, I really liked the gi exhibit!

Yeah, it is a pity-it was nice how they had all the sections on past story years too.

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