Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, episode 78 – semi-review

As you all know by now, another new Ninjago episode has aired yesterday, which means that it’s time for a (semi) review. The episode in question is episode 78 ‘Snake Jaguar’, making it obvious that it focuses on Zane. Without giving anything away I’m going to say that I really disliked this episode. This review is definitely full of spoilers, so avoid reading it if you dislike those.

Still from Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Episode 78

Ok, I hated it. Not all of it, of course, but a singular scene turned the entire episode from “really good” to “oh, not again” for me. But, let me focus on the good first:

The good parts of the episode were very good. I really enjoyed the different dynamic of it, when compared to the previous episodes. Due to the events of the previous episode Zane is forced to go even deeper undercover. The writers incorporated Zane’s quirkiness into the whole sequence quite nicely, and, honestly, that was the best part of this episode. It’s rare to see an episode focus on Zane, that is also not serious almost all of the time.

The episode also has quite a few twists. The biggest one is definitely the fact that Mr. E is actually a Nindroid! That one really surprised me. Second big surprise of the episode is the fact that Sons of Garmadon have an inside man (or woman!). He/she told them who Snake Jaguar really is, which means it’s somebody who knows Zane. Last twist/surprise is definitely the baby, who is actually a key to the last Oni mask.

So, what the part then that I hated? It’s the entire flashback to Zane meeting Wu. Why you ask? Because they retconned how Elemental Powers work for the gazillionth time. Apparently, it’s no longer parent to child (nor is it by effort, nor from Golden Weapons, nor a link to the Golden Master, nor etc.), it’s now being a good boy around an elemental master. That’s right – old Ice Master liked Zane and he somehow gave him his powers. Also, in the flashback Dr. Julien was young – while Wu was not. But let’s chalk that one down to time travel shenanigans.

How did you like the latest episode?


What is wrong with a merit-based system for elemental powers? Would you have rather have the ice elemental bloodline die because he had no descendants? It was done for good reason. I thought it was too simple, but we might see more relationship between Zane and the previous Ice elemental master because of this.
I thought Episode 78 was good. I liked the little twists, and the nindroid Mr. E totally got me. And the baby is so cute :D.

There is nothing wrong with a merit based system, meritocracies are always nice! However, they shouldn’t just change something as important as elemental powers for plot reasons, they should change the plot to better with with the mythos. To be honest, I wouldn’t have minded it as much if they didn’t change how elemental powers worked almost every season.

Yeah, rest of the episode was definitely real nice. I can’t wait to find out more about the baby!

Well, have finally been able to catch the episodes due to them being in Comcast On Demand. I would say that Alyce makes a good point about Zane: given that the Master of Ice seems to have left no descendants behind it makes sense that there would be a means of transferring the powers other than through bloodline. I half wonder if it might not be similar to how the powers were first bestowed upon the Masters in the first place.

I was enjoying the episode…right up until Killow showed up. At first I was like “Hey, that’s Garry Chalk!” And then I noticed that an unfortunate design element from the figure had been carried over…

I agree, but they change to rules for these almost every season… Would be nice if they just decided how they actually worked.

You mean the head, right? 😀

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