Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, episode 81 – semi-review

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time to continue our weekly ritual of reviewing the latest episode! The title of episode 81 is ‘Game of Masks’ which I guess is a pun on ‘Game of Thrones’. The episode was quite good, expanding on the mythos of Ninjago, as well as adding a backstory to Harumi – which is something all of us have been waiting for. It did have some inconsistencies, but more on that in the spoiler-full review below. Expect some heavy ranting.

Still from Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Episode 81

The episode was very good and, for me, definitely one of the better ones this season, all strange stuff included. It starts with a flashback that shows how Harumi lost her parent in her youth. It all happened the day the Great Devourer was released thanks to the actions of Lloyd. As you recall, all of this happened all the way back in season 1, episode 13. At some point later a nurse is shown treating and comforting young Harumi, who is unable to speak from shock. Jokingly, the nurse says to her “well aren’t you the quiet one” and the rest is, well, the current season. There was a small blooper(?) is the flashback – Harumi was playing with a green ninja doll, which couldn’t have existed at the time since there was no green ninja then.

And now for the strange part… In the flashback Harumi looks like 7 to 10 years old. In the current season she looks to be somewhere between 14 and 18. This, of course, hints at the timeline of Ninjago and shows that quite some time has passed since season 1. At that time the ninja were at least 16, with some being possibly older. Does this then mean that the ninja are in their 20s now? Or has Harumi aged incredibly quickly? Let’s just hope Lloyd is not a 20 year old guy who actively pursues a 14 year old girl.

The rest of the episode shows interaction between Lloyd and Harumi, while they search for the mask of hatred. Once they do manage to find it, Harumi makes a slip-up and reveals to Lloyd that she is the Quiet one by telling him that he has to pick up the Oni Mask since he has Oni blood, which she couldn’t have possibly known, since Lloyd didn’t tell her. They fight for the mask, which Harumi eventually wins. She escapes with the mask and leaves Lloyd to drown.

In parallel the rest of the ninja are tied up on Destiny’s Bounty, but manage to escape thanks to Wu when most of the Sons of Garmadon leave to meet up with Harumi. Harumi and the rest of Sons of Garmadon meet up, but the ninja quickly get to them and Lloyd joins the fray as well, by being catapulted out of the Oni temple and the situation gets tense. However, their impending fight is interrupted by the beast that chased Harumi and Lloyd in the river. For a while they all fight it, but Sons of Garmadon take advantage of the situation and run away on the Bounty. Just before they do Lloyd jumps on board but is ultimately captured.

And now for the ‘don’t break my heart’ part… When I saw the Sons of Garmadon escaping on the Bounty I was very excited, I even said “Here they come!” – but they didn’t. I’m talking about the elemental dragons of course… I mean, they’re definitely the best way to handle a flying enemy. Did the ninja forget they had them? Did the writers forget they existed? I’m quite confused here. In any case I know they won’t be making an appearance in this season but it would be nice to know why. Hopefully it’s not because “it’s a kid’s show and the kids don’t care”.

As I’ve said, all these things aside, the episode was quite good. It made me wonder what’s next in store, which is exactly what all episodes should do (well, except the finale!). What did you think of the episode?


I personally love the episode, although Harumi’s motives are kinda flawed (on my twitter I explain it)

Yeah, a bit – but, just like you said on your blog, she’s a well written character (most of the time) with a lot of inner conflicts.

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