Ninjago Sons of Garmadon TV Show – story teasers

Looks like promotional campaign for the TV show is finally in full swing! With less than a week left until the first episode airs, LEGO has decided to release three (!) trailers for the upcoming season. Be aware that these are quite spoiler heavy, so watch them (and continue reading) at your own discretion.

Power of the Oni Masks

In the first trailer Mistaké, the lady that has sold many magical teas to Wu and the Ninja, reveals the origin story behind the Oni Masks and their tremendous power. Apparently, the masks are relics from the first realm. It is implied (via imagery only) that they’re somehow tied to the history of the First Spinjitzu Master. What struck me as odd was the fact that their power is directly connected to Garamdon (who, I assume, wasn’t born when they were created).

Mysterious Biker Gang

The second trailer has Zane explaining, very shortly, the mysterious biker gang – Sons of Garmadon. Size of the gang really surprised me, it looks like there’s hundreds or event thousands of members. Mister E’s nickname seems to be ‘The Quiet One’.

A Royal Encounter

Definitely, my favorite trailer. We get a better look at the royal family, find out that Rumi (nickname of our favorite princess) is definitely a love interest for Lloyd and get a longer look at Destiny’s Bounty v3. Also, we get to see Harumi’s casual getup and it looks awesome! And so does Lloyds. What’s not to love!

All in all, these trailers are awesome, if a bit too revealing. What are your thoughts?



…seriously though, these trailers are only getting me more and more excited. Mystake’s comments about the “First Realm” have me intrigued-sound like a potential point of origin for the First Spinjitzu Master and Ninjago’s other human inhabitants if they didn’t originate from Ninjago itself. Mr. E/The Quiet One becomes more and more intriguing as time goes by; I half wonder if he isn’t some surviving fragment of Garmadon’s dark side seeking to return to his former glory. I’m also curious about Ultra Violet and Killow-are they just wearing makeup or are they really gray-skinned for some reason? And of course, it looks like the speculation about Lloyd and “Rumi” was on the mark; why am I not surprise Hutchins is the overprotective type?

Well, only two more days!

I feel that the first realm will be revealed to be the realm of Dragons and the Oni. And that the First Spinjitzu Master is an Oni himself, or somehow related (ie if an Oni does a good deed he becomes a Human type of relationship).

Regarding Mr. E, I do believe he’s a reincarnation of the Overlord/Golden Master. It was even semi-confirmed by brothers Hageman in a Tweet.

I do believe that the skin color is just makeup, it seem to be one of the themes in this season.

As for Hutchins, it’s definitely the face 😀

Two days for our Australian friends…

An interesting theory on the first realm and the First Spinjitzu Master; we’ll have to see how it plays out. You know, I was thinking the Quiet One’s eyes looked suspiciously similar to those of the Digital Overlord. Those guys must really like their makeup then-Ultra Violet was giving me a Nadakhan vibe that had me thinking she might be from another realm or something. Hutchins certainly does present a foreboding aura-though with the apparent attack on the royal family, I wonder how much of a role he’ll actually have in the season?

I obviously forgot to hit the ‘submit’ button -_-

In any case, Mr. E’s eyes definitely look like Overlord’s, but I hope it is not (yet another) fragment and that it has a deeper story behind it. I really like your theory about Ultra-Violet. It certainly would explain her skin (and Killow’s). As for Hutchings, I feel like he’ll have a pivotal role in this season and the next. Due to the recent leaks, I’m thinking he’s either a Dragon master/rider and/or the First Spinjitzu Master.

It will be interesting to see how it does play out-of course, there is the fact that we didn’t see him perishing in his battle with Zane. It’d be kind of a cop-out, but I could see it happening to where Zane’s attack could have just left him terribly weakened but able to crawl away and spend the time between then and Sons of Garmadon recuperating. I’m glad you like the idea-it seems especially appropriate given the season’s apparent emphasis on the First Realm, not to mention that last I checked we don’t know what all 14 (formerly 16) realms are despite them being introduced back in season five. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see on Hutchins…along with waiting to see when the season will premier in the U.S., since the airdate of the 29th seems to have been disproven.

Yeah, I can easily see them doing that, like with Decoded – for example.

Not including the First Realm, only half of the 16 realms have been mentioned/named. I do have a feeling, however, that we will learn about a few more in this and next season.

Indeed, it is no longer in the schedule… Weird! I wonder why they removed it. In any case, you didn’t miss too much – most of the episode was footage we’ve already seen in various sneak peeks and trailers. If you really want to watch it, I suggest you look it up on the popular streaming network owned by Google.

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