Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, episode 82 – semi-review

Episode 82, ‘Dread on Arrival’, starts comically, gets somber fast, gets a bit lighter and then takes you on a trip that’ll make you wish you had a time travel machine (so you can watch the future episodes sooner). And to go and visit dinosaurs, obviously. In any case – the episode was quite good. The reason, so you do not get spoiled, comes, as usually, after the picture.

Still from Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Episode 82

The episode truly start in an imaginative way – the Ninja (sans Lloyd) ride into the city on the creature they all fought the episode before. Instead of chasing directly after Lloyd they go to the Commissioner to request aid. An unexpected, but very smart move. Together with the entire police force they storm the Royal Palace, which is where the Temple of Resurrection is located. It pains me to say, the actual Temple and the set, other than their general shape, have very little in common. I’m glad that they didn’t add the proper minifigures though – maybe they’re not related to the location but they’re quite good! However, since Hutchins wasn’t in this episode I fear that he, and the Royal Family, are, indeed, dead.

Naturally, during the siege the Ninja battle with the top brass of Sons of Garmadon. Interestingly enough, the Ninja were able to over power them quite easily. Even though just a few episodes ago Mr. E alone could take on all of them at the same time. I guess they did some serious training during the time it took them to get back to the city. That little inconsistency aside, the actual encounter and battle was done quite well. While Harumi (who had a total makeover and now looks more like her evil self) is busy opening a portal to the Departed Realm the rest of the Sons of Garmadon are protecting her, with very little success, even though they had hostages – Lloyd and Misako. It’s not revealed how and where she was captured, but it is revealed that she was the one that found Wu. By defeating the Sons of Garmadon, the Ninja seemingly stop the ritual intended to resurrect Garmadon.

At the end of the episode, most of the Sons of Garmadon are arrested, including Harumi. I do believe this is the somebody good arrested directly due to the Ninja’s actions, but I might be wrong. The last scene indicates that the Ninja actually failed to prevent Lord Garmadon’s revival and that he once again has a mortal body.

All in all, the episode was quite enjoyable. Some funny scenes, some serious ones, mixed with great action scenes. What are your thoughts?


Really hate this episode lmao, can’t stand Harumi and the action is criiinge

Her transformation was a bit sudden and unexpected, but other than that I think they showed her crazy side quite well 😀

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