Ninjago Summer of 2018 Rumored Sets

Rumors of the upcoming 2018 summer sets have been floating around for quite a while now – even before this year started. I was hoping LEGO would showcase the new sets at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. They haven’t, so it’s high time we talk about all the rumored upcoming sets for the TV show (we’ve already covered the Ninjago Movie one). Of course, all of this should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Ninjago Season 9 Logo Mockup

All of the rumored sets are tied to the 9th season, which focuses on the Dragon and the Oni. This means that there most likely won’t be any more new sets for Sons of Garmadon, which is more or less standard for Ninjago. The main villains are, apparently, Dragon Hunters (type of Oni?) and the main setting oozes Dieselpunk vibes. The collectibles in this wave are supposed to be (pieces of) the Dragon Master’s armor. The Ninja will, most likely, be wearing masks made with the new molds, meaning they will have two pieces. In any case, the rumored sets are:

  • 70650 – Pursuit in the Air. A gold-red airplane. Comes with two minifigures: Kai and a Villain.
  • 70651 – Confrontation in the Throne Room. A battle arena-styled set, complete with a throne. Has five minifigures – Skylor, Samurai X, another good guy and two villains. One of the villains has four arms.
  • 70652 – Stormbringer Dragon. Jay gets a new dragon! It’s rumored to be quite big. The main color is, of course, blue/dark blue. The head is brickbuilt, but the eyes are stickers, which is a shame. It’s supposed to come with the chest piece of Dragon Master’s armor. It contains 4 minifigures: Jay, obviously, Zane and two villains. One of the villains is a spider mech, or at least has spider-like legs. It comes with two new sword molds, as well as a detachable handle similar to the one the Golden Sword of Fire had.
  • 70653 – Firstbourne Dragon. And so does Kai! Again, the head is brickbuilt, but has printed eyes. The main color is red, with quite a few black/dark gray parts mixed in. It’s supposed to have cloth wings. The set also comes with a helicopter that belongs to the villains. Dragon Master’s helmet is the collectible in this one. The set will come with 6 minifigures – 4 villains, Kai and Cole.
  • 70654 – War Rig (Dieselnaut). A huge vehicle that belongs to the villains. Has four tyres in the back and two tank treads in the front. The set comes with the entire Dragon Master’s armor apparently. It contains 7 minifigures. Cole, Zane, Jay and 4 villains are to be included.
  • 70655 – The Dragon Den. The biggest set of the wave. Like the name suggests it comes with a dragon! It’s on the smallish side though. Overall, it’s said that it looks a lot like Samurai X Cave, sharing a similar color scheme. Similarly, it has a skull, this time a dragon’s skull, tied to the entrance – but this time it’s above it. It’s supposed to come with most of the ninja, if not all of them and the rest of the minifigures are supposed to be the new villains.
  • New flyers. The sets are: 70644 – Master of the Golden Dragon, 70645 – Cole – Master of Dragons, 70646 – Jay – Master of Dragons, 70647 – Kai – Master of Dragons, 70648 – Zane – Master of Dragons, 70649 – Nya – Master of Dragons. Not much info on these, but one thing does stick out like a sore thumb. Lloyd’s name is nowhere to be seen. Most likely, that means that Lloyd is the Master of the Golden Dragon. Would’ve been cool if was the First Spinjitzu Master though.

What are your thoughts on these? I, personally, am exited that we’ll be getting more dragons. I have every Ninjago Dragon released so far and will definitely be adding these to my collection.



Skylor!?! Dragons!?! This sounds awesome!!! 😀 I really hope Skylor is in that one set.

Yeah, I hope so too!

Skylor-yes. Jay getting another full-sized dragon to himself already-no.

If this information is accurate, Kai at least is getting a dragon to himself, though apparently not his elemental dragon. Nya still needs her own, and Cole-70599 Cole’s Dragon is a joke. Skylor could use a dragon, while we’re on the subject…

Otherwise, these new sets do sound interesting. I half wonder if we’ll get another Harumi fig to go with Skylor and Samurai X, or even a long-awaited love interest for Cole.

I’ve never considered that some other good guys could get their dragons represented in sets! Skylor (our any other elemental master) getting a dragon would be a big step in the positive direction for Ninjago, as a toy line. Hopefully, once the show ends (in a few years!), we’ll start getting more of things like this.

Maybe the dragon in 70655 – The Dragon Den, is Cole’s dragon? He is definitely due to get a larger one again.

Tbh, I’m surprised Harumi isn’t included in any of these – it means that her role will be fulfilled in this season and I really thought that she’d have a significant recurring role.

I feel like the end of the show will probably coincide with the end of the theme, though it might be kind of cool if they continued to do new sets for currently TV exclusive concepts. It’s possible Harumi might still appear in the next season, just not be getting a new minifigure-or she could always be released with a book or polybag.

Hopefully it won’t! I’ve always thought of the show as something time-limited and the line as something timeless. It is an evergreen line after all. I guess we’ll just have to waitvand see.

Harumi could still appear in the show and/or the extended line, but I really don’t think thay she’ll have a significant role, which is a shame.

Well, given the fact that she is the princess, and we know the royal family is going to be attacked by the Sons of Garmadon…I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if she ended up having to rule Ninjago by the end of the current season.

Yeah, I could definitely see that happening! Although, if the prevailing theories about Harumi are correct she might try to establish some form of autocracy.

Yeah well, won’t know until we see the episodes…which is hard when they still haven’t announced a U.S. airdate so far as I’m aware.

Yeah :/ And the show is already half way through in Australia…

Hm, looking over these again, I notice that-not counting the flyers-the original four ninja each apparently appear in two sets each, if they’re not all included in the Dragon Den set as well. I’m kinda curious why they left Nya and Lloyd out-although, given how many Sons of Garmadon sets Lloyd’s in I can understand not doingtoo many with him this round. Too bad about Nya though…

Now that you mention it… Maybe there is a lore reason? Tommy Andreasen did mention that somebody significant would die this season – maybe it’s one of them? 😡

Hm…that’s the first I’ve heard of it. I find it hard to believe that they would kill off either of them: Nya’s been the series’ most prominent female character since it’s inception, and Lloyd has been the series’-pardon this pun-golden boy for years now. Nya is for sure appearing at least in a Master of Dragons set, so unless Lloyd ISN’T the Master of the Golden Dragon I would think it would be someone else. Honestly, the people who come first to my mind are either Misako or Harumi.

I also doubt it – it’s most likely going to be some recurring character that we haven’t seen for a while. As you’ve said both Nya and Lloyd are one-of-a-kind characters from the show’s perspective.

As for the Master of the Golden Dragon… I’m really unsure. I think that it’s Lloyd (for the same reasons as you). However, the consensus online seems to be that he’s actually Wu. Some are even saying that he’s Kai. But, if it’s not Lloyd, then I think it’s the First Spinjitzu Master. Misako seems unlikely – we’re still waiting to see whether she was retconned due to the Movie. Harumi, maybe, but I feel like she’ll stay evil – at least until season 10.

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