Ninjago Temple, a room in The Silly House

As I already wrote my RLUG hosted an exhibition this June. In addition to all the other exhibits we’ve also build our first club collaborative build – the silly house. The idea was that anybody can contribute to the build by making one or more rooms. Almost all the club members participated and it was one of the visitor’s favorites.

As you’ve probably guessed my contribution ended up being a Ninjago themed room. On the good side it features all the original ninja in their gis, Sensei Wu and young Lloyd. The villains this time are the skeleton army.

Silly House - Ninjago Room

It’s built up out of two sections, temple’s yard and the temple itself. The temple’s yard is where the action is concentrated. The ninja are fighting the skeleton army using the golden weapons. Kai’s toasting Frakjaw with the Sword of Fire. Jay’s using spinjitzu to fight off Chopov and Krazi at the same time! Zane’s taking care of Nuckal with his Shuriken of Ice. Finally, Cole’s kicking out Samukai out of the temple by using his Scythe of Quakes as a stand.

Silly House - Ninjago Room, temple entrance

Inside of the temple paints a completely different picture. Sensei Wu is sipping his tea peacefully, while Lloyd is training. They know that the ninja will easily handle the invaders and have decided just to ignore them. The walls are decorated with painted glass pieces, which, I feel, really add depth to the piece.

Silly House - Ninjago Room, temple interior

If you liked the MOC, you can find more pictures in my personal Flickr gallery.

In the future I plan on expanding these rooms with an entrance to the temple’s yard. It will contain a classical Asian busy street, thankfully the Ninjago Movie sets have plenty of Asian themed minifigs. The temple itself will also be expanded, most likely with another room with a statue of the First Spinjitzu Master and a basement that will double as the hideout of Samurai X/Nya. Is there anything that you would like to see included?

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