Nya’s Mecha is Primed and Ready to go!

Asian builders truly have a different sense of esthetics when compared to us ‘westerners’. They prefer to build smaller, but just as detailed, builds as opposed to large, hulking buildings and landscapes. They prefer robots and anime characters to historical battles and LEGO City dioramas. But beyond that, even the style is different, and it’s immediately noticeable:

『劉氏重工』- Nya's Mecha

This mecha was build by the talented Hoyin Lau, a Chinese builder. He truly shines when he is making mechs, especially transformable ones. Nya’s mech is depicted as a lean mean samurain’ machine, capable of attaining any pose. The build looks sturdy but flexible and somehow the builder made the black parts look metallic. Truly a marvelous build.

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