The Quake Mech polybag – review

The Quake Mech hasn’t been officially announced yet, but we did get a sneak peek in the Ninjago Movie ‘Making of’ book. What we do have is a scaled down polybag version of the mech:

The Quake Mech polybag - review

The build itself is of the expected polybag-size and is very nicely built. The only thing I dislike is that the wheel itself is brickbuilt, but it would’ve been impossible to stand on its own otherwise. I do hope that the actual set will have an actual wheel, even if it has to have additional support in order to stand.

The arms have a lot of articulation, although the shoulders are a bit flimsy, but brilliantly built. They’re bigger than the rest of the body and give the mech that ‘hulky’ look.

As I’ve mentioned the wheel is brickbuilt and flat on the base. The droid arms are not attached to it and are only there for aesthetics. The wheel is actually attached to the rest of the body via a 1×1 round trans piece that. It has a black bar running through it.

The mech looks quite good from the back side as well, if a bit bland. However, there is room for attaching additional pieces there, so it can be improved upon with clever tinkering.

I have to admit that I was quite impressed with this build. So much, in fact, that I bought two – one for my collection and one to use as a decoration on my desk (on which I usually keep souvenirs from my trips).

This was my first ever review and I hope you liked it. Is there anything you would’ve liked to be included, or anything I missed? If you have any other comments, criticism and/or advice I hope that you will share them. I will allow me to improve and you can enjoy better reviews.


First of all congrats on your first review. Glad you are doing so good with you blog so far and can’t wait to read many more of these.

About the review – the best way to describe is “nice and short” which for a polybag is not something you have to go too deep into. I assume it took you under 5 minutes to build it so it was short fun. Good idea about table item – I am not a fan of that but who knows in the future.

The only thing I have to state my own opinion is about the wheel and how you said it is brickbuilt. I kind of like this one because there are just way too many wheels I have and it is nice they used something different. I think that is a good thing and it made me remember talking to you on one of our egzibits about Ninjago dragons with heads that were brickbuilt and not and how both methods can turn out good in it’s own way.

Anyway, good first review. Keep it coming so I can keep up with your great work.

Thanks for the nice comment! The built is indeed small and the review is accordingly small – as you’ve said.

Regarding the brickbuilt wheel, I dislike it because it doesn’t turn, but agree that both brickbuilt and special molds have their charms!

Robert excelent review, keep up with the good work! Please include more pictures next time. I’m missing picture of actual polybag package here.

Thank you! Yes, that’s such an obvious omission I can’t believe I left it out!

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