Ramen is More Than a Cheap Cup of Noodles

Not a MOC presentation, strictly speaking, but a beautiful piece of art nonetheless! I was awestruck when I saw it, and knew you would be too – so I decided to share it. The creator is legomeee, a true LEGO photography wizard.


The colors and lighting in this piece are just perfect. Not to mention the overall scene. Everything ties so well together. The street, the little pupper, the bicycles in the back. It really looks like small markets I saw in Asia. Looking at it all, I really don’t believe I’ve ever seen a LEGO scene look so much like real life. Now, excuse me for a moment, I need to find me some ramen.

P.S. Looks like Lloyd has let himself go.


Eh, he might be a little pudgy-still got nothing on Dareth’s belly.

Hah! You’re completely right there!

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