Royal family of Ninjago

For a few days now, social media have been abuzz with news of Ninjago having a princess – Harumi. It all started with a simple tweet by Dan & Kevin Hageman, writers of Ninjago TV show. In it they proclaimed (pun intended) that Harumi is indeed a Royal Princess of Ninjago. The rumor mill went downhill from that point and you can find all kinds of information about her at this point – like her being a girlfriend of Lloyd, but I am yet to find proof for any of the subsequent claims.

Royal Princess Harumi

We’ve had hints that Ninjago is a monarchy before – name of Lou’s (Cole’s father) quartet is ‘The Royal Blacksmiths’. Up to this point I believed that the name was just a plot device, but it could actually have a deeper meaning. Beyond that we didn’t have any clues that a royal family existed in Ninjago. The only royalty we were introduced to were Nadakhan and his father, but they were only rulers of Djinjago. In any case, I can’t wait to see what the next season has in store for us, especially regarding the royal family. Hopefully, we also get a nice royal castle set!

If you wish to see how Harumi looks like without any face paint on, you can check out Ninjago 2018 books that have been revealed so far.

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