Sailing across the ghastly void

September is always a joyous month in the LEGO community. There are a lot of events, activities and builds to see! One of these events is, of course, SHIPtember. During this event various builders build humongous spaceships, and the only restriction is that the builds have to be at least 100 studs long. Most builders choose to build “standard” spaceships, taking inspiration from various science fiction franchises. Others, like W. Navarre get creative and look for inspiration elsewhere.

The Ionsaí

As you might’ve guessed, the theme of W. Navarre’s build is Ninjago – the Possesion storyline to be more specific. Apparently, the ghost warriors possessed a ship, as well as a couple of defense towers and now are wandering across the starry sky. The build incorporates a lot of great techniques. From the tower’s windows to the angled cargo bay. It’s a marvel to look at. I can hardly believe it that this magnificent build was done in only 8 days.

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