Samurai X – The Dragon Slayer

I’ve always admired builders who use Bionicle and/or Technic parts in their build. I myself don’t own that many of these, so, naturally, I don’t use them. That, and, oh, because I suck at using them! It’s clear that it’s a mixture of awe and envy for me. The same is true for D.Niel‘s dragon slaying Nya, the Samurai Girl, made out of a combination of Bionicle, Technic and even System parts.

NYA the Samurai Girl

When I first saw the build I was taken aback by how fluid and feminine it looked like. It was a sharp contrast to the scene that was unfolding – a samurai slaying a Dragon. The build makes me feel like the future Samurai X Mech should also be more feminine (and also include a dragon!). The part usage is beyond me in this one, so I feel that shouldn’t comment too much. However, do take a good look at the calves (and the tire use), the thighs and haidate (thigh guards).

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