Sky Pirate Armada

Weirdly enough most official Sky Pirates sets, as well as MOCs, have nothing to do with ships – boats at best. There are plenty of robots, dragons, robot-dragons, rockets and the like. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that finding this amazing creation(s) was a breath of fresh air for me. It was made by Markus Ronge, whose expertise, and passion, are, in fact, nautical models so this creation fits his style perfectly.

"Full Steam" S. 1/ Ep. 4 "The Last Raid Of The Sky Pirates"

Perhaps it’s not immediately obvious, but this MOC is actually the builder’s take on Misfortune’s Keep. The color scheme is a giveaway, but it’s mostly the engines. In any case, you’ve seen the photo (check out the rest too) which means you know why I love this. Mostly it’s the creative parts usage (do notice the brick separator sails!), but also the fact that the ship takes inspiration from so many other Ninjago sets. Primarily the general shape of Destiny’s Bounty (the Movie version), incorporating the twin dragon heads at the bow.


Nice-an airship that actually looks like it was made from a pirate ship. That’s the one thing about the Misfortune’s Keep set-it could as easily have been assembled from a junkyard as from a boat.

That’s why I like it so much! And would’ve loved to see a ship in the wave. Or at least a more show-accurate Misfortune’s Keep. (love the name)

It is a good name. By the way, are you going to review the final episode of Hunted?

I will – already have the text prepared, but I can’t find any decent video/images from the last episode. All the rest I took from the trailer.

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