Sometimes, a Ninja Needs to Get There Yesterday

Speeders – one of the most elegant building genres that LEGO has to offer. One of the first builds I did, when I got out of the dark ages, was in fact a speeder! I also love checking out speeder-themed challenges and competitions, of which there is plenty about. And that’s actually how I noticed this great build by Marcin Grabowski. Although, in the picture that was submitted for the contest it can be clearly seen that Emmet has stolen the sweet sweet ride.

LSB 2018 - Motorway Maintenance

This speeder does indeed look very sweet. I love how irregular and bulky it looks like. So many parts at so many angles, I love it! The builder obviously intended this to be a utility speeder, but I cannot help but imagine it as a jungle explorer – it reminds me of 70755 – Jungle Raider, one of my favorite Ninjago vehicles. It’s obviously based on Lloyd’s glider from Misfortune’s Keep however – which is not a bad thing to be based of.


You mean the glider that was never actually used in the show for some bizarre reason?

In all seriousness, it is an interesting model, particularly since-in my mind-it doesn’t follow the typical speeder format. This thing does not look like somebody accelerated the design of a motorcycle until it achieved flight capability; it looks fairly bulky.

It’s not? I do recall there being some kind of a glider and lowering of ninja via a rope. I guess I’ll have to rewatch that season! Good thing it’s my favorite one!

Yeah, and that’s what I like about it – it really is different and bulky when compared to other speeders. But, completely in line with Ninjago vehicles which are quite bulky and large, at least when talking about minifigure scale.

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