Third Sons of Garmadon Magazine Thug Revealed

I’m not sure it comes as much of a surprise at this point but, as the title says, yet another thug has been added to the ever increasing Sons of Garmadon gang. His name is Buffer and he comes with two red katanas and a shield. This time, we’re even blessed with a new face! I don’t know about you, but I’m loving these – they’re the only foil packs I’ve decided to collect.

LEGO Ninjago Magazine - Buffer teaser

Buffer comes will come with the latest issue of Ninjago Magazine, which is slated to be released May 29th.


Man, they certainly are milking the concept for all it’s worth; wonder if we’ll get any of the female members of the gang from the series.

Now that you point it out, there’ve been no female thugs… Next foil pack should definitely have one!

Well, one thing you can say about the Sons of Garmadon is that they actually have quite a few female members, though only Harumi and Ultra Violet have been named to my knowledge. Macchia was the only female Vermillion, Dogshank and Cyren were the only female Sky Pirates (at least to get physical minifigures), Bansha was the only female Ghost Warrior, and none of the preceding villain factions even HAD female members (unless you count P.I.X.A.L.’s brief enslavement by the Overlord and Skylor’s former loyalty to her dad).

To their defence some of those were robot/statue armies so it makes sense that only a few templates were used. The rest are just bad. At least they had female’s in leading and semi-leading roles. But definitely we need more diversity.

Jared Boyd

True that; for that matter, I suppose technically some of the skeletons could have been female (not that you could tell) but definitely none of the named ones. It was kind of sad with the Serpentine, although I kind of imagine that the females might have stayed in hiding during the Serpentine Wars and the years when all the male Serpentine (and apparently all the Anacondrai) were imprisoned in the tombs, and only ended up rejoining the males after the final battle. It’s either than, or Selma can change color and she was one of the Hypnobrai grunts in the first season or two. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to have a female Serpentine or four in the future; it’s a bit late for the Anacondrai Cult (and good riddance if you ask me). That is one thing that’s nice about the Shark Army, the fact that they seem to be pretty well mixed, though I don’t know offhand how many female minifigures have been released physically.

Had to double check – was so sure we had some female Venomari minifigures – but I was wrong. LEGO apparently really dislikes female villains.

Also checked Shark Army while I was at it: there are only two female villains:

Female GPL Tech and Shark Army General #1 – both from the CMF series. One in a semi-leading role and one tech support. None of the actual fish villains are female!

Jared Boyd

I don’t know if it’s so much that they dislike them as that there’s kind of this sentiment against female characters in general in an adventure series like this-they’re thinking that little boys want to play with boy characters, I’m guessing, apart from the occasional token female character. I don’t know why it is, but it’s been that way for quite some time. Those two are the only ones who have been released as physical minifigures, but I know I’ve seen trailers and images showing additional ones; I know of at least a female Hammerhead General and one who has the lobster helmet. It is rather disappointing they haven’t shown up in sets, especially when you’ve got “generic Shark Army Gunner aka Charlie” in three sets and “generic Shark Army Thug aka Frank” in SIX.

That could very well be the case – perhaps boys do tend to buy toys that have male characters in them. Yet, I don’t think many of them care enough about the “side” characters to base their purchase on them.

Are those their actual names, or you made them up? In any case, I’m loving them 😀

Jared Boyd

Probably not, but that seems to be the corporate assumption. I did not make them up-the “Shark Army Gunner” appears identically in three different sets, but in 70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon he is given the name Charlie. As for the Shark Army Thug, he has a few torso variations across the six sets he appears in, but only in 70656 garmadon Garmadon GARMADON! is he labelled under the name Frank. There’s also three “Shark Army Jellies” who are separated only by one having a different head and another having a different neck bracket, and there are three “Hammer Heads” who’s only difference from each other is that each uses a different head.

Curiously, The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame features the female lobster soldier under the name Crusty, but in the toyline that name is assigned to a male. Wonder who got that mixed up.

Ah, I see 😀 I didn’t even realize they had names – I certainly didn’t catch them in the Movie. For some reason they suit them.

Nice catch for the female version of Crusty in the game! Maybe they’re related? Or maybe every lobster villain is called Crusty?

Jared Boyd

They probably didn’t in the movie-from what I know of it the generals got more focus than the random minions. I’m more inclined to think that either the character was conceived as female but Lego screwed up the set, or the character was conceived as male but the game developers made it a female instead. There’s another male lobster helmeted soldier who’s name in the sets is Crusher, so maybe Crusty was supposed to be a girl but the set design didn’t reflect that for some reason.

I can completely see TT games doing this as a form of an Easter egg that balances the male-female villains ratio.

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