This Nightcrawler Was Actually a Caterpillar

If you’ve been following BrickSamurai, you know by now that I’m a sucker for alt builds! And why wouldn’t I be? That’s exactly (more or less) what LEGO is all about. Letting you imagination go wild. Milan, a veteran alt model builder from Czechia, must have the same opinion as he is never satisfied with building a set just once. Or following instructions. Let’s see how he reimagined 70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler.

Geckopter & X-Trike LEGO Ninjago 70641 Alternate MOC

This alt model was so well done that I didn’t notice it that it was in fact an alt at first glance. It wasn’t until I saw the dragon stickers that I started adding two and two together. The model is incredibly well build and very sleek. It reminds me of 9443 – Rattlecopter, which is why, for me at least, this was a blast from the past – it was one of my first Ninjago sets in general. Just like an actual LEGO model, this alt comes with many play features. The cockpit’s windshield is mobile, so minifigures can be added or removed easily. The Ninja can stash their weapons in the rear section of the fuselage. Both rotors move when you turn the gear on the side. And that’s not all! There’s actually an instruction video, should you choose to build it by yourself. Brilliant, just brilliant.


A marvelous creation indeed-as good or better than the actual model, if you ask me. I suppose it makes sense to have a sports car for dealing with a biker gang, but it might have been nice to have an aircraft in SoG.

I agree – not having aircrafts this season is a shame – but this makes up a little bit for it. Also, it’s in the proper(ish) proportions, unlike the original model… Not that Ninjago is famous for their proportional models 😀

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