Three new Ninjago 2018 polybags revealed

That’s right, you read that right! Not one, not two, but three new polybags have been found, thanks to! These three new polybags bring the total to five – or seven, if you count the pods.

5005230 – Zane Training Pod

This one comes, and doesn’t come, as a surprise. The only one that didn’t get a white Wu Cru uniform was Zane, so it makes sense that he does get one now. Having said that, everybody else is getting the black one in this wave. Also, different to the previously revealed pods this one comes in a simple bag.

5005230 - Zane Training Pod

5005230 - Zane Training Pod

30530 – WU-CRU Target Training

This is actually the third Wu Cru training themed polybag – the previous ones being 30425 – CRU Master’s Training Grounds and 30424 – WU-CRU Training Dojo. This polybag, like the previous one contains a small peculiarity. Nya is wearing the new Wu Cru uniform, but still has her old haircut.

30530 - WU-CRU Target Training

30530 - WU-CRU Target Training

5005231 – Ninjago Training Kit

A very strange polybag indeed. Unfortunately, it does not come with a description – but I guess it’s a game similar to (chopsticks) Jenga.

5005231 - Ninjago Training Kit

5005231 - Ninjago Training Kit


Hm…knew about the target training from Brickset, but the other two are new. I wonder if Lego will do another set of pods where Kai, Nya, and Zane all get the black Wu-Cru outfits? It seems odd that they’ve all gotten white but only half of them currently have black.

I guess so, tbh, I’m hopeful we get pods for all of the Ninja!

It would only be fair.

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