Thunderbird has Many Storms to Bring

Some time ago we wrote about Milan‘s brilliant work, making an alternative build for 70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler. Now he’s at it again, making an even more impressive (regardless of how impossible it may seem) alternative build for 70652 – Stormbringer. I guess he moonlights as a master alchemist-transmuter.

Jay's Thunderbird - LEGO Ninjago Stormbringer 70652 Alternate MOC

Wow, is it just me or does this setup work much better than the Stormbringer? To me, the head/eyes combination definitely looks more natural this way. The Thunderbird is quite poseable, as evidenced by this video, quite a bit more than what you’d expect in a LEGO set. There is articulation in almost every part and the wings are even retractable! Beyond that, the build looks quite good and there is only one thing I would change: I’d add the lightning pieces – I love those! Daddy No Legs gets his own mech in this alternative build, so he can’t complain.


It is indeed a lovely redesign. Perhaps Ninjago would have been better served by doing like Elves and giving each character a different Elental themed animal. The Firstbourne could have stayed as it was, though I’m not sure what you’d do with the Pit Dragon and poor Wu and Zane are still left out-unless that white polybag dragon/wolf is meant to be Zane’s companion. The mech is also an improvement-now I can actually see Daddy No Legs going after a large mythical creature and not think he’s a lunatic.

I completely agree! For the longest of time I have hoped that LEGO would release elemental “beasts” that were shown in the original gi (and later for newer ninja):

Kai – Lion
Jay – Elephant (or maybe octopus?)
Zane – Wolf
Cole – Ox
Lloyd – Dragon
Nya – Phoenix

Maybe with the rumors of LEGO re-releasing s1 and s2 sets it’s a possibility?

That would make a lot of sense, especially since they’ve had those emblems for so long. Rereleasing s1 and s2 sets? First I’ve heard of it.

Yeah, I’ve seen these rumors all over the place. Supposedly, the s1 and s2 sets will be released in December, together with some new sets, like the Ice Temple (supposed to be a counterpart for the Fire temple). It’s all, apparently, because no new season will be released this year, after Hunter. I, myself, am a bit doubtful of these rumors and that’s why I haven’t posted anything yet.

That does seem fairly suspect, and it’s hard to trust anything you find on the Internet. I feel like we would have heard something official about it by now too.

More “official” leaks should come soon, if they follow patterns established in the previous years so, hopefully, we’ll know more soon.

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