Tiny Temple for Tiny Worshipers

Our favorite brick turns 60 this year. To honor this momentous occasion BrickSet is holding a competition in which the goal is to make a micro version of your favorite set. Naturally, all of the sets are Ninjago related – they all represent something that Ninjago’s owning company has made. Genecyst, a talented builder from Japan, went even a step further and made a micro version of an actual Ninjago set!

70505 Ninjago Temple of Light

I have to say that the set this build is based on is instantly recognizable – it’s 70505 – Temple of Light. All the important parts of the build are there and some clever tricks were used by the builder in order to save space. The central column is of the same thickens as the other ones, yet in center thanks to smart offsetting via a jumper plate. Window frames were used to represent columns to a wonderful effect. The only gripe I have with this build is that the roof pillars are black instead of dark red. But that’s just me being picky. In any case, this build is magnificent and I can honestly recommend that you check out rest of genecyst’s LEGO creations – if for nothing else then just to see One Piece themed ones!

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