Tommy Andreasen’s Twitter Ninjago AMA

Earlier today Tommy Andreasen, the co-creator of Ninjago, did a Ninjago AMA (short for Ask Me Anything) on Twitter. As you probably all know, Tommy is very communicative with fans of his work and kind enough to do these from time to time. As always, he didn’t give out any spoilers or comment on any leaked stuff, but he did reveal some very interesting information. We bring you some of the questions and answers below.

Concept Art by Tommy Andreasen

Concept Art used by Tommy Andreasen for his AMA

The questions will be in bold, Tommy’s answers in normal text, and my thoughts in italic.

Did the fold perform a new version of the weekend whip for the Intro in Season 8?
Season 8 intro will be very different from other intros. The song will be in the show and in the intro … to a limited extent.
Good. Is always good to mix things up.

Will Jay learn more about his biological mother Libber in S8? (idk if it’s a spoiler question or not)
Not in season 8 … I can say that much.
Potential Ninjago special?

Will Cole’s dad reappear in season 8
Can’t tell, but there will be a lot of call backs for hard core fans.
Not so much about the question, but rather about the answer. I love callbacks to fans.

When you develop lore, do you have things already pre-written to use for later, or do you come up with it as the show goes on?
Mostly as we go along. We leave some ends open to explore later but there is rarely a solid plan. We trust the ideas we haven’t had yet!
So far they’ve been doing a splendid job. However, there are a few continuity… surprises here and there.

Just curious, what usually comes first, the design of the toys and then the story, or the story and then the design?
That varies. We usually know the general direction of the toys, but each can influence the other.
It’s good to know that each influences the other.

Do you think the Ninjago Movie gave a positive push to the overall franchise? (as in helping attract more fans/sales)
I think the movie and the series could have been better aligned.
I wholeheartedly agree. It’s good to know the creator feels the same and that it means that some changes are coming to both.

Will we find out about Cole’s Mom?
A bit of new Cole’s mom information will surface.
Good. Character building is always good.

Did you have anything to do with TLNM?
I was not involved in the Movie.
And it shows :/

Why were the four elements Fire Lightning Earth Ice? It’s usually Fire Air Earth Water, especially if they’re tied with Gold- Alchemy!
This is not Earth. And lightning is pretty cool!
It’s not? Interesting… Will be get some new info on Cole’s power in S8?

What is the vibe like for season 8? Is it similar to that of ToE and Possession?
More like Possession, but kind of unique.
Nice! My favorite season is Possession.

Will there be a HUGE plot twist like game changer like whit sock in a millon black socks in season 8?
The will be several big plot twists and reveals. Season 8 is our most ambitious yet.
Well, every new season should be the most ambitious one, no? 😀

Will they ever cover the whole of ninjago city? I would love to create it but know only a few locations?
That city is ever expanding. You will see several new and ancient features of the city in season 8.
Now this is what I’m talking about! I am a huge sucker for world-building.

Are you (and LEGO) doing anything special for Day of the Departed this year?
I maybe do a small thing for DoD.
Hope he does, fans really like Day of the Departed (me included).

Does anyone completely remember the events of Skybound?
Jay, Nya and Nadakhan remembers.
Would’ve thought Wu as well!

Do Ray and Maya still have elemental powers?
Nope … elemental powers are passes on to any offspring.
This part I really dislike in Ninjago. They change the core too often. Also, I liked the version with accessing these powers (aka true potential) through personal effort. Shame it gets taken away when somebody else gets it.

And the best for last:

Do packing peanuts taste like peanuts?
Absolutely not!!!!
Why are they called peanuts then?

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