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Two New Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Story Teasers

LEGO did a pretty interesting thing today – released two new teaser trailers for a show that is already running. Shot, we’ve reviewed the first two episodes already. That does not, however, mean that we’ve already seen everything these teasers have to offer. In fact, we haven’t seen most of the footage contained these teasers. Knowing that, if you dislike spoilers – don’t watch them.

The Quiet One

Woah, this teaser shows lots and lots of new footage – probably from the seasons second half. It focuses on a mysterious villain pulling all the strings from the shadows, while remaining silent. It shows new parts of Ninjago, somewhat resembling Chen’s Island, but I’m not sure exactly where the scenes take place. Interestingly, Ultra Violet’s Oni Masks power – body of stone/magma is shown. The ending holds a nice surprise – NyaHarumi sings, quite nicely!

Ninja Go!

This teaser doesn’t have as much new scenes as the first one – but it does introduce a previously unseen character – the baby featured in 70643 – Temple of Resurrection set. It’s much more lighthearted, displaying joke after joke. The baby, it seems, grows up way too fast – literally, in the beginning it looks like it’s a newborn but by the end of it looks like a toddler. Best part of the trailer? The Ninja singing ‘The Weekend Whip’ definitely!


Well…that was interesting. Makes me ever more curious about the nature of the Quiet One-makes him seem like he’s been a behind the scenes type of villain for some time. Hutchins is seeming like more and more of a jerk as I see more promos-are we dealing with another old rival of Garmadon’s or what? Also, is Dareth running a bar now? The baby thing is going to be interesting to see unfold-for a while there I was wondering if it might actually be Cole’s, but it doesn’t look like it.

Oh, just what we need-more strangely organic creatures that we’re never going to get sets of. Jay remains totally immature, I see-why does Nya like him again? Gotta say, the old voices with the new looks for the Ninja are coming across quite naturally to me-now if only it would air in the U.S.

Indeed, the Quiet One is most intriguing… And Harumi seems to know quite a bit about him. I wonder how?

Yeah – kind of, but not really. You’d have to see the episodes to understand how Dareth and the Mojo Dojo fit in the story. Nothing huge though – yet anyway.

The scorpion? really seems out of place, would’ve been way better if it was some sort of brick-built contraption. Strangely enough, Ninjago newer was fully brick-built, any idea why?

It’s because Jay is Jay 😀 Yeah, it’s quite strange it didn’t start airing yet, not even a date! Wonder why they’re doing these promos…

I imagine that the royal family probably has quite a few secrets up their sleeves, and hopefully have played their own part in keeping Ninjago safe from various threats. I mean, you would hope they’ve had something occupying their attention over the course of the series thus far to explain why a handful of Ninja and their allies have been forced to deal with what seems to have been every major threat to Ninjago by themselves. I’ve never heard any particular explanation for why only the inhabitants and certain elements of Ninjago seem to be Lego while the rest is closer to real world. I suppose it may be a little easier to design things that way, at least if there’s not a set for reference. I mean, there were the Treehorns…the Mud Monsters…the Craglings…the Grundal…the Overlord Dragon…

Well, if their intention is to infuriate fans dying to see the new season, they’re doing a good job.

I don’t know, I imagine them as this posh group of people who just care about protocol and attending fundraisers. I doubt that they’re part of some secret vigilante-like organization. So, in essence, they’ve been busy having a good time 😀

Yeah, there are many different examples of organic creatures in Ninjago. Hell, even the elemental dragons weren’t brick-built. I think that you’re right that it’s mostly due to convenience – that way they can develop the show and the sets in parallel.

Yeah… It’s getting bad at this point. They should alleviate it by releasing all the other seasons on Youtube! (like they did with Nexo Knights)

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