Upcoming Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Books Revealed

Two new LEGO Ninjago Sons of Garmadon books – Garmadon’s Motorcycle Gang* and The Hunt for the Oni Masks*, have been found on German Amazon. These are slated to arrive in January and March, respectively.

LEGO Ninjago Sons of Garmadon books

These are pretty much standard for Ninjago (and LEGO in general) at this point. They’re packed with activities that are more or less age appropriate. ‘Garmadon’s Motorcycle Gang’ comes with a minifigure – Samurai X, making this the cheapest way to get it. While ‘The Hunt for the Oni Masks’, does not come with a minifigure it offers an interesting look at one of the new characters – Harumi, this time without face paint. While this character does somewhat resemble Misako, it was confirmed by Simon Lucas, Senior Creative Director at LEGO and Executive Producer for the LEGO Ninjago Movie, that this was not the case.

* title translation was done by me.

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